Ufuoma McDermott

Nollywood actress, Ufuoma McDermott, is one damsel who has been able to sustain her relevance in Nollywood, despite the challenges of marriage and motherhood.

Although, there are speculations that Ufuoma’s friendship with her colleagues – Omoni Oboli, Uche Jombo and Chioma Akpotha had since packed, as it couldn’t stand the test of time, mother of two would not want to talk about that aspect of their lives.

However, going further, the actress revealed how to sustain friendship in Nollywood.
She said, ” I don’t think, I have ever sat back and drawn a plan, saying this person is going to be my friend. It just happens; your spirit just flows with certain kinds of people. You allow them into your inner circle. They look out for you, you look out for them. It is something that just happens, it is not planned.”

Explaining how she has been able to achieve a balance between being an actress, a wife and a mother, McDermott said, “I don’t there is something special because its entertainment. It’s the same way with doctors who have to go out for days and weeks. Even teachers can be transferred, diplomats who travel up and down. At the end of the day, balancing your family is dependent on you as a person, what you consider your priority and how you plan your life.”

Speaking further, the filmmaker added that she had never been under pressure to fit in as a public figure.

“It’s a case of to each their own; you will feel pressured if you want to be pressured. So I don’t feel any pressure. I am a working actor; I am not a social media actor. I act for real. Acting is my day job, so I am like the banker who gets up in the morning, goes to the bank, finishes from the bank and goes home. It’s the same for me. If I am on a movie set, I go do my job and I go home. I don’t feel any pressure as long as I don’t put it on myself,” she said.

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