Nigerian HR manager, Ivie Ibitoye, has warned female job seekers against shooting their shots at male CEOS after a job interview.

Ivie, in an Instagram post shared recently, revealed that some female applicants send private emails to male CEOs asking to know them better.

Ivie Ibitoye warns

According to her, the intentions of sending such emails may be noble but it can be interpreted as the lady shooting her shot at the male executive.

She further stated that the rate at which ladies send such emails is alarming.

Ivie wrote on her Instagram page,

“Dear Female Applicants,

It’s wrong to attend a job interview and then send the male CEO an email telling him telling him that you will like to “know him better” whether or not you get the job.

Your intentions may be noble but it can be misunderstood.

This “Shoot your shot” is getting out of hand”

See below,

Ivie Ibitoye warns

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