Drunk Nigerian policeman

Oh the humiliation!!! How embarrassed he’d be by the time he gets to see himself all over social media… This is why the brewery companies keep telling y’all alcoholics “DRINK RESPONSIBLY!”.

Obviously, the police officer seen in these photos taken by Facebook user, Francis Adebayo, didn’t adhere to the rule of drinking responsible as he was captured dead-drunk at the Costain bus stop in Lagos.

The user explained that the sight of the officer drew sighs and degradation to the force with many passerby and onlookers taking a look at him, while many called on the police authorities to weed out such disgraceful officers from the force.

He narrated further that a time, while passers by were having their quite comic sight, “the officer vomited and rolled over to continue with his afternoon nap.”

See another photo below:

Drunk Nigerian policeman`

Drunk Nigerian policeman1



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