A Lady has shared via the microblogging platform X how her now ex-husband and friend were having an affair while she was fighting for her life with cancer.

The lady who stated that she’s glad she won, mentioned that her ex-husband and friend are no longer together now and have gone their separate ways.

Disclosing that she’s now in a better relationship with an amazing guy, she cut all ties with her friend after 8 years of keeping it calm.

Her tweet read;

“My (ex) husband had an affair with my (former) best friend while I was fighting for my life with cancer, and their affair carried on while I was getting chemo- alone. He left before I found out…but here’s the kicker. She and I still work together. It’s been hard the last 8 years, but I’ve managed to stay professional and cool. She has tried a few times for us to be friends again, but I drew the line. Nope. You don’t get to break my trust twice. Not seeing her face at work is one of the top reasons I’m looking forward to my new job. He’s alone. She’s alone. I have an AMAZING guy. I won.”

While some internet users shared that they were happy to see her in a better position now, others shared their experiences with a cheating partner.

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