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Facebook user, Olubunmi Ajai Layode shared a picture of a woman whose husband allegedly smashed a plank on her head during an argument at their home. She wrote;

“SOS! I’m in private inbox with a lady who has fled DV She is in Abuja with her sister. Her family is putting pressure on her to go back to her husband. Her mother says ‘da’le mosu’ – single parenthood is not good. Her father who is retired is fending for her. Can we have Abuja helpers please! She sent me several pictures but asked me not to show her face. This one below is one where he smashed a plank on her head. And her family want her to go back to the man! They say there is no couple that don’t fight. Yes. But how many smash planks on their spouses’ heads? Can we get help in Abuja please! She needs a job, shelter. She’s got kids. Her son wakes up in the night screaming ‘MUMMY! DADDY IS GOING TO KILL YOU!’

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