A late woman’s husband’s family has reportedly refused to bury her unless her family comes to apologize for her “behavior” before her death.

According to a Twitter user who shared the shocking story on Twitter, the woman had a brain tumor and the doctor had advised her against getting pregnant again. However, her husband insisted on another child despite knowing it could be dangerous for her health.

Because her husband desired another child, she gave in to his demands and conceived.

The pregnancy made her health worse, and since her husband wouldn’t take care of her, she moved back to her parents’ house.

While at her parent’s home, her husband reportedly sent her things back to her family, saying her wife disrespected him by leaving without permission.

He, however, didn’t send her medical reports, which were needed to continue her treatment.

The woman has now died, and the husband’s family has refused to bury her unless the late woman’s family comes to them to apologize for their daughter’s “actions” before her demise.

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