A married woman sadly recounted her husband’s recent act anonymously on Facebook which shocked and left her disappointed.

According to her, her husband concludes that they only eat meat on festive days due to economic hardship in the country which affected him, and she agreed. Only for her to discover that the man frequents an eatery to buy chicken to eat all alone while her and their son eats without it.
Social media users reacted to this story with her own anecdotes and opinion about the matter. Read their comments below:

@Ikedinma Chigozie V: Some people can be mean shaa. Sometimes one would read something that looks like dream on social media but it is the sad reality of life. It is happening everyday. I am not interested in how many times they eat meat in a year but the hiding of receipt of payment for the chicken Republic Chicken. Anyways, the man may not have hidden the receipt, but how can you be finding it difficult to buy meat/Chicken at home for the family to cook their food and you have the conscience to go to Chicken Republic to order Chicken? Marry a kind, humane, conscientious and lovely person. Mean and heartless people are hovering around as saints. Do everything to avoid them. What a petty lifestyle.

@Chioma Sarah Chukwuma: It’s only mothers doesn’t eat without her kids or their husbands. Some men don’t understand what it means to be the head of the family because they value their stomach a lot….

@Blessing Asuquo: Yes, an elderly woman in marriage once told me how her husband told her that there is no Shi Shi in the house for food and left to the office, the woman said she was just passing to go and supply chin chin somewhere when she sighted the husband’s shirt in a restaurant from afar, she went closer and she was shocked to see her husband devouring two chicken laps and five alive juice. The story long shaa

@Chima Roke: So if you saw chicken Republic receipts from his pocket, that means he has been eating chicken? Women thinking na just straight, small thing they have concluded.

What can you say about the actions of this husband?

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