Daddy Freeze has reacted to the amount of criticism Obi Cubana has recieved for having over 300 cows for his mother’s burial.

The Entrepreneur is currently holding a burial ceremony for his mother and it has been the talk of the town due to the massive display of wealth and affluence by his close friends and associates.

Obi received more than 300 cows amongst the various other gifts from the dignitaries that were invited to the event, and some social media users feel it’s a LITTLE BIT OVER THE TOP.

Daddy Freeze in his reaction, wrote ;

I don’t know what the issue is with @obi_cubana ‘s 200 cows, when the supposed wisest man that ever lived, Solomon, consumed 30 cows and 100 sheep DAILY! As in EVERY SINGLE DAY. That’s 210 cows and 700 sheep every single week.🤷

If he can afford it, why not?
Personally, I don’t get where all these plenty issues are arising from.

If for 40 whole years (Solomon was king for 40years), there was a literal party everyday in Solomon’s palace and he was still considered ‘wise’, why are we now questioning the wisdom of our brother, who chose to have fun with his friends and family for just a few days. 🤷🤷

Hustle o, so another man’s cows no go turn beef for you

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