Social Media influencer, Papaya Ex, has taken to her page to blast her critics after she was called out for lying about buying a luxury home.

The young lady said she shared the post purely as a “joke” but people took it serious and started congratulating her.

She said ;

I’m not explaining sh!t to anyone cause we are literally on social media to catch cruise and have fun.

All of you are hypocrites.

I posted a house yesterday, and I said I bought the house, I did that because of the trending joke on “Wetin I no fit do.”

It was a prank, but people were already congratulating me. The next day, my friend sent me something that a blog posted me that they called me out, the funny thing is the girl that called me out used to be a friend.

I do not live fake life, this is not even clout.You people will just believe anything you see online ?

Watch the video below ;

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