Here’s a ‘comedy skit’ of a student, who was sent away from school. She willingly left the premises as she claimed to be a fan of Naira Marley.

Recall, the rapper recently declared that he is a role model to mad people and stubborn heads children.

Well, he wasn’t wrong.

The ‘comedy skit’ video circulating online shows the ‘student’ still dressed in a uniform as a man asked her to narrate the reason for her suspension from school.

The girl said a fellow school mate had touched her on her bum so she also touched her nipple in return.

A teacher, however, asked her to leave the school premises as a result of her action but rather than being remorseful, she responded saying she is a Marlian before walking off.

See the funny skit below:



  1. you’re a very stupid girl you think you can get something good from Mr nairamaley for misbehaving you’re a very stupid girl nairamaley,zlantan Ibile they are very stingy greedy but I don’t know if they are selfish so behave yourself as a student by making a stupid video doesn’t mean that nairamaley will render you a peaceful help

  2. abeg leave dis girl alone na,na her life she they live, she as interest in it i mean marlians of a tin,that y she did d video out,and am sure are parent gave her d support,so leave her


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