Princess Shyngle

Gambian actress and model, Princess Shyngle has revealed that she is a very jealous person when it comes to friendship.

In a post she shared on her social media page, Princess Shyngle says she does not know why she is very jealous but if any of her friends or bestie starts getting close to someone else, she always feels betrayed and would cut them off.


Sharing this side of her, she wrote;

I am a very jealous person when it comes to friendship, I don’t like sharing my friends I don’t know why. If you’re my friend or bestie I need you to stick with me alone ??? if I see you close to anyone else I feel betrayed and I cut you off. It’s very hard for me to make friends and open up to someone so when I do I hold on tight until I see you acting the same with other girls then I don’t feel special. Please I need your opinion y’all is that normal or not ????❤️


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