A Nigerian lady identified as Kara has taken to her social media page to react to the trending news of the flamboyant way Obi Cubana plans to bury his late mother.

Obi Cubana has received over 300 cows from his friends and associates, and from all indications, the “creme de la creme” of the society will grace the occasion.

Kara is however not impressed by the behavior and she feels it’s a bit over the top.

According to Kara, she is more worried about young people who are seeing and would want to idolize the display which she described as “Hush-puppi”-esque.

In her words ;

I am Igbo and yes we know how to throw awesome parties with yummy offerings… but 200 cows for one party… a burial… that’s a bit over the top. How many more deaths does one need? I’m worried about the mentality of young ones idolising this hush puppy type of display. Is it motivating them or is it an indoctrination? May God grant the bereaved protection and fortitude and may folk who have less be motivated and not pushed by envy to try and keep up via crime with this type of display…. but What did the poor cows do to deserve to die?

May God protect the lives of all my party people in the East… I am worried about the herdsmen, kidnappers and unknown gunmen attacks on wealthy Ibos… Dear God please do not allow anything happen to anyone… keep them all safe! May it end in praise

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