Actress and model, Ronke Tiamiyu has made a case for her colleagues who reduce their age.

The former beauty queen shared a lengthy piece on her Snapchat to explain how there were particular standards society expected women to live up to at a particular age and women reduced their age to avoid such pressure.

According to her, trolls would shame celebrities if they did not achieve success at a particular age but would not feed them, so it was best to do what worked for them.

She wrote;

“I can’t blame anyone for reducing their age. I know watin my ear don hear for this 33 years I de so.
“She’s above 30 and single”
“at 30 plus she doesn’t have this or that” there’s a way you will dress,you will hear “at your age”
People in thier 30’s can relate. The society espect vou to have made it in life at 30 or be married with kids and if you are not, you have failed. That’s why a lot of ladies rush into marriage, the fear of age shaming, “she never born at 30”
I’m speaking from experience,some shows won’t even select u cause of your age, the age shaming is crazy in this part of the world. My people if you must reduce your age to achieve a goal,
Reduce am,expecially when it has to do with your talent,career or a job,some record labels won’t give you a deal cause you old. Remember these trolls won’t pay your bills. They won’t feed your family.
Talent is not enough in this industry o.
If a celebrity doing well at a certain age will put you under pressure, then you need to work on your mental strength,be your own role model and believe you can make it at any age,no one is trying to pressure you. Keep pushing, live your life.”

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