Nikki Samonas has expressed her disgust for financially-challenged men as a result of her life experience which has seen her take care of herself all her life.

She says because she is from a poor background and has had to hustle to cater for herself, dating poor men is not an option for her.

According to the actress, she is tired of working her ass out to take care of herself, hence wants any man who comes into her life to help relieve her of such burden.

“I have suffered in life, I mean I had to work to cater for my family and pay my school fees and so, I think it is time someone else takes that up. Someone should also take care of me so for me if you don’t have, money or are not financially independent, I cannot date you. It’s as simple as that,” she said in an interview with Delay on the Delay Show on Viasat 1.

“I have no problem with the poor neither am I saying I want someone who is extremely rich. No, all I am saying is, as a man, you should be okay in your pocket to help provide some of my needs,” she added.

Her first appearance in movies was in a minor role in Abdul Salam’s Beyonce and she has since featured in many others, including playing the lead role in AA Production’s Pretty Queen.

Other movies she has featured in include War of Roses, Desperate Measures, Deadly Obsession, Pretty Queen, Wrong Line and Red Label.

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  1. She’s poor and poverty is a disease!!! Therefore, I do understand where she is coming from. She is perpetually poor and a leech looking for someone she will suck her blood.

  2. If you even get one that will say hi to you,accessing you,i know you are more than 30..You could only be adressed as anty,pls am not saying u should marry a poor man,depending on your definition of the word “poor”but just get a serious life yourself,at your age you should have at least 2 children

  3. Keep waiting for the rich guy my dear. But do not blame any ancestral deity for for not getting married or having kids at d long run. Time will come when u will begging men for a date even with all d money you have gotten but no one will be there to accept d offer. Why?: MENOPAUSE!.

  4. Poverty is a state of mind……I think this actress is poor though she has got money dats y she want someone to satisfy her…….

  5. Na’im make u never marry uptill now. We know that its only girls from from very poor and retched homes that looks for wealthy men to allievate their sufferings. U too poor abeg

  6. I m surprised that u ar still talking about dating instead of marriage at ur age,,,,,,,,,,

    My dear at this age , marriage should be in ur mind,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  7. It depends on how you classify poor. The rich man you might be dating might be poor to another billionaire. Even Abacha’s wife classified Dangote as POOR!!!! So madam, keep waiting for a billionaire!!!!

  8. Am very sure u r from a poor background dats y u don’t wanna go back to ur root cos of d little kobo u have now. This is the meaning wealth , if u r wealthy n pple around u is poor n u can’t empower any cos u 1 dem 2 cum begging from January to Dec now dis makes u even more poorer because, EMPOWERMENT IS THE KEY. Tell them i said so.

  9. I agree with her though It all depends on her definition of poor. Because anything less than the likes of OBJ could be poor to her

  10. Still dating! at ur age you re turning back the hand of time. shld be in ur husbands house by now, beauty fades away nd stop being a baby.

  11. Do u think ur beautiful?
    Thank God for Mary kay n d rest make ups u wear.. Ur old n too ugly…. Keep on waiting for Mr rich man idiot

  12. She has a standard of living to maintain or respect. Why are you insulting her? After all she revealed some of you(ladies’mind).
    Moreover age is number. She looks even more healthier than some that are 20years old lol.

  13. Yeah need to leave her alone please, her life, her choice so everyone needs to mind his or her own business dammmmmmmm, we all choose whoever we want to date

  14. Women should refrain from making arrogant statement like this. It is fast runing out of fashion. There are hundreds if not thousands of ladies out there who are dating or married to rich men but paying and screwing gatemen and flower trimmers for contentment and satisfaction. It is your habit that determines your longterm happiness not the short term sensual material cravings money brings to you

  15. As far as I know, it’s the men who approach ladies for a relationship and not the other way round. What re u going to do Since the “rich men” re not coming? Mmm? Nicky? Riches does not guarantee hapiness or peace of mind o

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