Former Big Brother Naija housemate, <ahref=””>Ese Eriata has taken to social media to lament her inability to express her fashion sense without fear of backlash.

Ese, in a post shared on Snapchat, said she finds it disappointing that Nigerians are always quick to stereotype people who dress in a particular way.

According to her, fashion in this part of the world was limited and she could not leave to explore like she would want to.

She wrote,

This may come off as strange but I’m really disappointed on how people Stereotype fashion. A lot of people are so limited to fashion when it’s meant to be explored. People see men wearing heels or shot and they already assume he swings both way
I love Nigeria so much I don’t see myself living in any other country; but the mentality here is not for me @ my body is fully here but my kind of mind set is not for this country at all, I can’t even live my truth publicly in Nigeria
… They’ll drag u like (I better pass my neighbor)
1 honestly gotta look for a balance because I get disgusted on a daily when I realize how sick people’s me tally can be S, they don’t even process things before jumping into conclusion; like wof!!!
Nigerians and jumping into conclusion: 5&6”

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