Nigerian singer and dancer, Korra Obidi has admitted that she cheated on her estranged husband, Justin Dean, before they got married.

The mother of two made this revelation alongside her sister, Nancy Umeh, in a live video session.

Narrating her side of the story concerning their marriage woes, Korra opposed being a chronic cheat and explained it was a one time affair, while also alleging that her husband has an 18-year-old mistress.

“Most of you have heard one side of the story, its time for you to hear my side of the story. I’m not a chronic cheat, I’m far from a chronic cheat. I’m just a woman who was honest to her husband.

“Umm before I came to America, it was during the Trump’s tenure, I was very indecisive about moving and I tasted from Pandora’s box; I had an affair. That affair lasted like one date, I feel bad about it but I had not moved to America.

“Up on getting to America, I was very very sad that I had made that mistake with the guy. I told him the truth, I said “hey, I had an affair in Nigeria and I don’t want us to ever have secrets,” Korra Obidi revealed.

Watch her speak below;

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  1. The social media is a disease. It has infected and destroyed many good marriages . Our obsession to number of unknown followers is irredeemable. You guys …. You guys !!! Who are these guys?
    This lady is still in love with husband , an effective reconciliation mechanism would have saved their relationship.
    Men may forgive cheating but they do not forget . The worst thing you can do to a man ( black or white ) is to confess cheating.

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