Quite Controversial Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim in a Recent Chat with Pulse TV talked about how much she enjoys being an actress, a director and a producer.

The actress who recently caused quite a stir when she revealed she sees nothing wrong in Lesbianism stated that she is a very creative person and that helps her while directing.

“I have plans of directing a movie, and even many more movies. Directing is where I find myself now, and I’m very very creative, she started.

“I found myself on set years ago when I started acting, trying to tell the director I was working with, how to shoot a particular scene. So, that’s how I knew my calling. I knew that I was very creative, and that I might as well put it into work, she said.

“I derive joy in acting and being behind the camera. As an actor, you bring out a side of you that people don’t get to see, and then you use your talent to be able to make someone at home to be touched by whatever that character is going through”

She continued; As a director, you are the one who is going to put that story of that character into character. Without you the director, the actor cannot give what you want the audience to feel. As a producer, without you going out there to look for funds to produce a movie, there’s not going to be a movie. So, everything works together.




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