A Nigerian lady, Peace Bright has responded to the criticisms she frequently faces for teaching on the subject of sexual purity.

Peace Bright who revealed that she is a virgin stated that she never forced her beliefs on anyone and only looked to promote sexual purity.

Sharing on her Facebook page, Peace replied to her critics and asserted that she was not going to quit her teachings.

“Often times when I put up advocacy posts, I get lots of criticisms and encouragements on the other hand. A lady came to my inbox telling me how I’m showcasing myself to being holier than thou.

The other person said I always force my beliefs and opinions on others Amongst other criticisms. Firstly I have not come on this space any day to declare my status, even if I should do ,my only aim is to promote sexual purity and Godly relationships.

Secondly, of course I don’t force my beliefs on anyone. Except I have pointed a gun at you before to choose sexual purity. I only advise. Advice is meant to be taken or not. The choice is yours.

I don’t really know why most persons feel attacked at the mention of sexual purity. If some persons can promote immoralities proudly. With a sense of purpose and pride I will keep promoting sexual purity, that’s my goal.

I can’t quit. Yeah it’s a purpose I have been given to fulfill. God strengthen me the more, increase my and passion.”

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