Delectable Never Aging Nollywood Actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde shocked her audience at the Knorrsocial Symposium on Friday when she said she does not go to the market to buy food items but her husband, Capt Matthew Ekeinde does.

The delectable actress also spoke about her career and family.

Omotola believes that the man and woman should complement one another in marriage, not a situation where a woman would be seen as inferior.

“When we started (acting) they wanted the men to be the fore runners, and I said I’m not stopping any man from being the fore runner –It’s a human right—but I said if I wanted to be the fore runner, I would work hard to be the fore runner, and you would respect me as a front runner,” she said.

“A lot of people have had problems with that, they either feel I’m too strong or you know culturally, you should fall back and all of that. I say no. I would respect you, but I would do it my way. So that is what I have had most challenges with even in my career.”

“I always tell people that women are stronger than men, psychologically. Let me tell you something more, my husband is actually the one who goes to the market. I don’t go to the market because I can’t. Because of my status, I can’t. “But my husband didn’t say you know traditionally, a man is not supposed to go to the market, I’m not gonna go, no. My husband actually goes to the market.”

The celebrity, who recently celebrated her 20th year on stage, described her husband as “a strong man for understanding my status”, and recalled an experience that transferred the responsibility of going to the market to the head of the family.

“In my earlier career, I used to go with him but I’d stay in the car, because our cars are tinted, so I’d stay in the car. But then, one time we went to Tejuosho and someone found out I was in the car,” she said. “It became a major security risk, so he said don’t ever go with me again. He goes and he has fun and he comes back home, and I do the cooking, so you see we strengthen each other. “Men feel when I intimidate my woman, when I hold her down; that shows I’m strong, no! That shows you’re weak.”

Omotola got married in 1996 at the age of 18 and the ‘scandal-free’ union has produced four children.

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    • it is nt nonsense, it is calld LOVE. I don’t see anytin bad in it. he is doin it because he value his wife and knws her worth. simple!

    • Well..she’s a big celebrity but dat doesn’t make her more or less dan a woman… She shouldn’t ride a willing horse to death.

    • Can you imagine people with low mentality. If Omotola husband do the house and kitchen shopping without complaining isn’t it not her luck. People should wake up from sleep

  1. Lol read d article well…dnt knw Why it paining some guys cos of tht statement if they love each other what wrong there…is nt an abomination mtchw

  2. U should be ashamed to come on air to say proudly dat ur husband goes to market becos of ur status, wat status? Is ur husband not a pilot, doesn’t he have status too? Well am not surprised cos its ur character, people dat are close to u knows u are very bossy and am sure u extend dat authority to ur husband. Go and read proverbs 31 to understand the role of a wife. Can u imagine my husband going to d market to start pricing tomatoes and fish. Omotola, u re just too proud, bring urself down

    • Helloooo melo down na haba! Kilode becos ur hubby can’t go to d market doesn’t mean other’s can’t go. As lng as d man isn’t complaining dts der business nt urs dear. U kon take am personal dey write article on top anoda woman mata.

    • I can’t comment on nonsense people. People with low mental capacity. Omotola you are blessed my dear, if your husband do the house shopping without complaining is your luck nothing else. God bless him too for his humbleness and understanding

    • Huh na wa [email protected], this shldnt be ur problem na. Her marriage is blessed and they both love what dey do, how dare u use such harsh words on some1 u don’t know personally? Not nice from a fellow lady like her pls. Change ur mentality I beg u.

    • @Rose Ohwofasa it isn’t Ajegunle or mushin open market nooow, it’s a shopping mall that they sell all you need. If they choose to live that way, it’s isn’t ur own typhoid fever now haba. This is an ignorance talk dear Rose, it’s not until wife does everything before she’ll become a good wife.

    • @ Rose Ohwofasa,, please make sure you read well b4 you comment,ok.. Bz she in what she said that the last time she went with her husband to market ad pple saw her which cause commotion,, it was the Husband that said she will never go to the mrkt again…

    • @ Rose am disappointed at you,, bz is pple like you that your husband use like rag,, no wonder you look older than your age

    • Very embarrasing for me to allow my husband to go to the market and buy tomatoes, onion, maggi, palm oil, etc for me,; good woman is a helper for a good man but not like that. Is not fair

  3. The banner over you and your husband is LOVE and UNDERSTANDING. It is well with you. The POWER OF LOVE is too much. It can make someone behave abnormal. You are blessed to have a such wonderful African man behaving like White people. You are blessed Captain for your love and understanding

    • i think ur still single…with this ur response getting a husband will be hard for you ooh..even night vigils and deliverances cant get you a husband……not even a mad man will find u worthy of a wife…chai pity you ooooh

    • Listen O’henry Namdie Blinkzie, I am going to report you to Facebook team. You don’t have right to abuse me. Everyone have right of opinion and expression. Before I do that I am giving you 24 hours opportunity to delete your abusive and curses or apologise to me if not I will make you that you will never appear again on Facebook. Thank you

  4. @Ukam, jealous ke, na omotola i wan jealous, God forbid. Am just telling her d responsibility of a good wife. Dont worry wen u get married, be going to buy tomatoes and fish for ur wife in d market while she sits at home.

  5. All what you guys are saying is totally nonsence expect [email protected], why are you guys taking drugs into there martial issues. Wheather he goes to the market all not is non of you guys business her hubby is not complianing to you guys, a husband going to the market for their wivies happly is called LOVE

    • if he washes her pant its not bad cos he is the one going in and out of the place.besides the bible says they are no longer twain but one flesh…………an help mate…..if there is true love, there shouldn’t be any thing like wash no wash, go to market no go to market…….pls let there be love amongst couples.

  6. Well there is nothing wrong with dat if has fun with it.after all he cud buy de tins in bulk n get sb to put dem in his booth.cud be even monthly.its not a big deal.

  7. I don’t think is proper 4 ur husband 2 go 2 d market 4 u, i used 2 use u as a gud example among d Nollywood married women but now that u’ve said this i don’t know what 2 say anymo bcus i wz not looking at u that way.

  8. Yeap to me its nt pride,d tin is d husband shud buy d tin and d wife shuld prepare,if u aint contentd die nd go to hel

  9. I see nothing in going to market, but let’s tell ourselves the truth bcs we all knows the truth. It’s not proper for a man to be going to market for his wife, while his wife sit at home it’s very wrong, in our traditions a man who goes to market while his wife sits at home, they used to say two thing, maybe the man is greedy or his wife is marrying him. No mater how much you loves your wife, there is something you shouldn’t do. I do stop my hubby from cooking for me bcs I knows is my work. So let’s tell ourselves the truth and pick some corrections. Don’t go and start sending your husband to market bcs omotola does, don’t forget not all man will take it from you. Let’s try and take our responsibilities in other to keep our marriages successful.

  10. We all know what it means to say that as a yoruba lady. How does one say that kind of thing with pride when the joy of any woman is to be able to actually play that role. What were you when he married you? Have you forgotten so soon how you were brought up? It’s not a joyful thing to say when you don’t want your daughters facing the same shame that you think you are not facing in front of people right now. Love every other thing about you but this one is a no no from me.

  11. Is a lie ooo! Omo u do go to mkt pls,don’t dent ur image by lieing to ur fans as pride. Biko oh! Remember u have daughters.dont start teaching them to lie, God 4bids lie ok.

  12. If he does it for fun that ok but if it’s out of necessity then that why we have something called a house help or chef???

  13. Pls which market are we talking about here, is it Ajegunle or Oyingbo open market or park & shop or shop rite shopping malls? Because some people are just being ignorance here. Peops this is a modern time, the market she’s talking about isn’t like una village markets. Anyone can shop either wife or husband hun!

  14. Pls which market are we talking about here, is it Ajegunle or Oyingbo open market or park & shop or shop rite shopping malls? Because some people are just being ignorance here. Peops this is modern time, the market she’s talking about isn’t like una village markets. Anyone can shop either wife or husband hun!

  15. Its all about love,mutual understanding i dot see any problem wit dat if he goes to market for shopping wats big deal there? Dats kea plis.God bless their marriage

  16. Who Don See ahm before??? Being a public figure we for don hear te-te no be even from her mouth!!! ‘” Which Market” sef is she referring to?? @ sis Ij for person to tell her husband to go market be ahm be dat ooo

  17. Imagine nonsense! She is even proud of it. So, this woman is this stupid and shameless! Infact, i blame the coward husband.

  18. I don’t tink dat is luv,pls do d rite tin as a woman,a man is a man don’t use luv to change him frm man to woman pls.

  19. Womanhood has lot value in our present generation.Its a magnified shame painted in a pot of love .Its high time we seperate love 4rm morality of duty in a man and woman.An abolished statement

  20. If you are a responsible man you can do more than this for your wife but if your wife have sense, l mean sensitive brain, she won’t allow her husband to go to the market and buy kitchen ingredient for you. For me, honestly l can never do that because my duty is to prepare good food for my family. Omotola please stop it and is unfair to say it in public.

  21. please keep this lecture to your family alone, what works for you might not work for another family, please dont ignite problem into many homes.

  22. I cnt jst stop laughin,people abusin themselves ontop celebraty mata.she is happy where she is while u wil end up using may nt b true sef,both of dem r vry busy,whats d work of d plenty househelps dey hv? nawa o!

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