Transportation by water is fast becoming an easier way for Lagos residents to commute because of the constant traffic issue. This mode of transport, despite being the fastest definitely has its quirks.

Nigerian Twitter user @lollypeezle took to the social media platform to narrate his current experience with Lagos boats and their drivers.

In his words ;

“So i entered trenches boat again tday from VI to Ikorodu. God, God God, Haaa. I fear God today.

Before we left VI, we all noticed the boat wasn’t good but the werey captain wanted to manage it. How dare you manage boat on water? Is it danfo? E ma gba mi ke. It took him several minutes to start the boat and all our complains fell on deaf ears. “Alaye, transfer us into another one since we are still at VI”. Iro nio, bobo no hear.”

“He eventually started and set sail. Na so boat stop, no start again in the middle of water. Akoshibero. We started begging this werey to transfer us into another bus. Imagine begging on top water and someone is doing agidi. I understand agidi on land but which one is Agidi ori omi?

Booda Taju, sholoshi niyin ni? He kept fighting with the boat like he must sail sha. Na by force? Oya we no go again but we can’t come down out of anger. Tani mo se?

Last last, other boats came to meet us. They transferred us like it’s danfo. Today, I saw my life flash and to crown it all, I saw greed”


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