Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ evicted housemate, Tega’s husband has finally granted his first interview since his weife was evicted from the reality tv show.

Tega has to be one of the most talked about housemate for this season, and she was sadly, evicted from the show on Sunday, September 5. Tega had an ‘affair’ with fellow housemate, Boma who was as well evicted on the same night she was evicted, with clips of them cuddling, kissing, and having sex.

While speaking in an interview with Tunde Ednut, Tega’s husband identified as Ajeboh Krislawrence said he has been married to Tego for four years and he had no idea why his wife did all that she did in the house.

According to him, before going into the Big Brother House, Tega had told him she was going to do everything doable in the house apart from having sex, which he objected to, telling her to behave like a married man and represent married people well. She obliged to this.

Ajeboh then said he was shocked and broken to see his wife spending time with another man in the house.

Ajeboh who looked sad and broken said he hasn’t seen or spoken to his wife since her eviction from the show on Sunday.

He said he feels “broken, terrible, sad, and like his ego has be tampered with.” He said can’t leave his house because of what people have been saying about his wife.

He concluded by saying his wife has been a “good and God-fearing” woman so he doesn’t know why she did what she did in the BBNaija house. He added that he wants the Tega he used to know back.

Watch the video:


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  1. What was he thinking allowing her to go on such a show???
    It’s not really for married people you know…so brace up, you can’t eat your cake and have it, sorry bro

  2. Exactly my thoughts the show is not for married women or men so y is she dere in d first plc anyways na una sabi o, she self wan do rubbish dat y she went to d show as for the husband u are not supposed to let her go dere at all

  3. U allow her to enter into the house of mad people now she join the league of mad people. Y u allow her go 1st now make Una enjoy your self 🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶

  4. Why did you let her go to the BBNiger House? You as a married man if you really love your woman you would have not allowed her to be there, I don’t mean to say that you’re faulty for all, if you really love your wife as you claim to call her your wife, you won’t allow her to be there, guy na u fuck up…

  5. I can just imagine how you feel right now. Well,I can’t tell you what to do but follow your heart. If you still wants her back, let go all the pains and anger, refuse to listen to side talks. That’s if she’s willing to come back tho.

  6. Well such is life maybe she didn’t had enough fun before getting married, so having the opportunity to spend time outside made her feel like a bird that was looked in a cage, but if truly both of you planned it for her to do anything just to get to the top then I rest my case.

  7. Tega husband is a fool and idiot, why should you allow ur wife to be part of immoral game with the hope to win #90m. Let him bear whatever outcome. He falls to know that women are weaker vessel.

  8. U led ur beloved wife in2 temptation sir…. d bbn huz is a plc whr anything is possible, u wouldn’t hv agreed 2 it.
    Comin 2 d woman, last yr thr ws a married man in bbn show I cnt really remember his name now but d goodnews is dat, he neva cheated despite surrounded by beautiful ladies in d huz…. he took d glory of marriage /discipline/respect bck home… so unfortunate dat women r unpredictable including me shaaa. Pls 4gv her bkos u led her

  9. Pls what is done is done just forgive and forget Cox she is still your wife and I know you love her so pls stop listening to side talk because no matter what people must talk you .

  10. To be honest, this guy needed two things the money and to be and marriage is just a name am tagas husband same goes to the woman, she can do anything to make money and famous so you can see both of them are meat for each other.

  11. Oh Sorrow!agorny and pains!!! Your wife is back to you vanderlized. That guy gave it to her the way u can never imagine. It’s a shame you allowed her and gave her the license for public sex, so you have to accept her but be rest assured that Boma will continually giving it to her even when she remains in under your roof. Don’t say I did not warn you. If they can have it on national television, then they can have it 100 times behind you. Useless show!!!!!!

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