More development keeps arising as Tiwa Savage opens up shedding more light on what really went wrong with their marriage.

Savage pouring out her heart in the interview, revealed TeeBillz never cared, was unconcerned about her health even when she got pregnant and lost the baby.

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According to her,

“Just before I went to Jamaica, I found out that I was pregnant. We were just trying to find out how we were going to manage another baby so soon. I got to London, on a 10-hour flight to shoot a video with Busy Signal (Reggae Artiste).

While doing my makeup, I found out I was bleeding and I passed out. I was rushed to the hospital, and we were trying to call TJ to tell him what happened. While we were sleeping at two AM a number called him saved as Edible Catering….I checked his phone, and the number was asking him if she can come to his hotel. She responded that He (TJ) knocked her out last night, that he was a great night.

I confronted him, and he said he took another woman to the hotel and said they were just chilling. This happened the period I was in Jamaica, and I was in the hospital. I sent TJ pictures, and he was busy with another woman. I was in a hospital and you couldn’t be bothered find out what happened to me.

I packed my stuff, took my son and went to my friends house, her name is Tiwa also. I stayed the night, and she asked me for the next step, I told her I was done.”


Obviously, it’s a no going back for Tiwa who said she doesn’t care if she never marries again.

Recall that on Thursday, April 28, 2016, Tiwa Savage’s husband and former manager Tunji ‘Tee Billz’ Balogun shared some very disturbing posts about his marriage on Instagram.


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    • Have you finished asking God for fogiveness??? All this hypocrites self. Na for you house them knack am abi?? Talk like people that have common sense for once

    • Teebillz is just too irresponsible and also a gold digger. You might just be like him also, a lazy man that waits for his wife to give him money to take cocaine and visit night clubs.
      Teebillz that made Tiwa look stupid when he was her manager.
      The owner of hiptv asked to cover their wedding in Dubai and agreed to pay her 2million and since teebillz was her manager, the hiptv man gave teebillz the money. Teebillz didn’t even tell Tiwa, he wanted to squander the money probably. Tiwa became furious and confronted the hiptv man on why he was yet to pay the money and the man told him he had already given the money to her husband.
      Despite all this, she still endured and went ahead to marry this fool. I wonder why there even saved him from the bridge self. Im 4 jump die

    • @mary u know nothin. Tee Bills made tiwa n gave her all d connects she has 2day! If u dnt know, tiwa ws a novice in d industry till she met Tee Bills. Tee has bin in d industry 4 yrs. U speak witout facts. U r dumb. #Mumu. Kip fuckin around. U r as useless as she is. #CrazyFool!

    • She no know anything jawe she just dey blab……..she b talking as if she dey dere wen everything is happening

  1. Imagine….just because she wants to get public pity u now dress up like an old woman…stop washing your dirty linen in the public…Go and solve ur marital problems,The whole World Dont really care

  2. I don’t even know how she has been coping, going for shows, releasing new songs,faking happiness in-spite of all these marital issues.Tiwa u are a warrior!
    My prayers are with you at the moment.

    • R v sayin she neva did dis tins she’s bin accused of? Has she spent a whole quality time wit her husband? . . . .

    • I don’t know really….. But I’m sure if u know what it takes to do a song , shoot a video that people will love and combining that with child bearing you will agree she is truly busy and doesn’t the luxury of time to do all that.
      Moreso people like Dr sid and co are just like her in the industry so why do all that? When she has a name to protect.

    • Does d husband have tym for her as well?d fool move frm 1 club to ANODA,carry different women frm 1 hotel to anoda.pls let’s say d truth

    • Some men re really fools that’s how dey end up hurting d good one God gave them nd then go for d worse women or better Still remain single at 45 and they will Still be living this kind of dirty life style all in d name of popori they dnt know what they want

    • But da truth basically is that they are always warning signs but some choose to ignore it. A heartbreak from a break up is far much better than a broken marriage. #Pick up ya shoes and run as far as ya legs can take ya#

    • Tiwa my Swtyhrt.. U ve made d mistake.. Is ok my darling.. Dat Guy.. He is a fuck ass nigga.. For him to leave his wife and two kids.. Only to move down here in Nigeria to marry u.. And at d end of d day.. He is still complain.. He seriously need a brain mediction.. He is a cheat.. Guys stop coverin him up.. He left his wife and two kids.. Now he is leaveing tiwa and son.. Noooh.. Dis sum crazy ass shit.. Tiwa u really tired..

    • We care about Tiwa so much,,,, are you jealous cos no one cares about you?? Who the heck are you to talk about the queen of naija music like that…???

    • @Paul,God punish your entire generation there.It shall not be well with your children,if at all you’ll have one and your condemned parents.You dey craze?Abi thunder wan fire your papa yansh?Waka for you there.Useless thing!!

    • idiot man…….u call ursef a man and u can insult like dz….goat animal fool……bad Belle…. ts your type dat do not use to like good tinxs for oda pipu….u re a cause to d country and d world as a whole…..mad man

    • Easter you are just a smelly ugly pepper eating. dirty yoruba, fukin slump bastered,shebi ur father na danfo conductor who give ur mama belle under oshodi bridge.Abi na dey house girl wey you come the do for lagos with ur primary school cert na him make u dey talk when person wey go pay ur papa salary dey talk.

    • See this baga wey call herself faith sef dey talk ,I prefer to be an animal than come frm a dumb ass family of urs.KWASIA. person dey talk monkey dey come put dirty mouth.

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  4. Pls dont cry my queen, Forgive him men are like that, the are over grown babies yet they will not give us peace and they will not allow us to find peace God is our source of happiness he will comfort every woman that is going through Emotional trauma from her husband.

    • You guys don’t have feelings at all, you don’t even deserve to be called humans. Someone broke down in tears and you are saying she’s happy to be free again, like…i don’t get it.
      Teebillz is a very irresponsible man. He even posted a pix of him on a WC toilet, as a father. He even behave as tho he dosen’t love tiwa. Sha i don’t minf him, he is addicted to cocaine.
      Make i hear say the guy never cheat on Tiwa many times. Tiwa even helped his life self.

    • Mary read all her interviews on different platforms,first ,the lady said the marriage was over long ago thank God the husband just gave her a reason to say good bye.second ,she want a husband who will work and support her financialy,didnt she ask him before getting married to him.I know she a celebrity so any thing with her is right hunmm.

    • I support her on ending the relationship cos the man is too irresposible.
      This man made tiwa look stupid while he was Tiwa’s manger. The owner of hiptv wanted to cover Tiwa’s wedding in Dubai and he agreed to pay them 2million. Teebillz received the money from the man without Tiwa’s knowledge. So she became furious and confronted the man on why she was yet to receive the money, the man then told Tiwa she had given the money to her husband.
      Recently too, he said one of tiwa’s fan was silly, just bcos the savage soldier requested her to shoot the video for one of the songs on her album. This same drug addict insulted tiwa’s mum.
      she still endured all this things, without breaking up. I dont blame her for whatever she says, she is just angry.

    • Remember say to gt husband for this century na gold oooo……… Mary Kpengwa….. U can never b a good wife coz u saying he z irresponsible……. Even if he is irresponsible can’t she change him????…….. Shey dat one na love???

    • @Mary, like seriously u must be their relative or something that u know everything about them like dis? U hear stories and believed so much in it dis way, that’s not too good. Its their life and only d two of them know d truth, they may come out and say anything but inside them only is d truth.

  5. I just love wonderful and multi talented woman. Anyone that will make you shed undue tears is less of a man. May God continue to bless you for us in Jesus name. Always remember the teeming number of genuine fans to your credit and forgo the haters. Such is life. Pls be strong for me.

  6. My dear don’t worry okk God is watching cos me I still wonder how som1 dat was drunk could drive dove to lekki bridge nd knw he has gotten to d bridge ,find his way out of his car nd equally knw wia to hold hands b4 jumping and even had his senses to even reply d so Mr ani nd how on earth did d bankyw nd psquare dem knw he was going to d bridge to commit suicide he is just trying to cook up a story to finally go stay with d gals he s already reserving *unfaithfulness in marriage*

  7. U dnt need to cry for anybody cry to ur God open ur heart Every thing dat have a beginning must ave an end Ur God is d next person to u nw pls wat has been happening as one of life experience and wat u re to face in marriage dat is life for u

  8. What did you expect. A man with three children. Where are their mothers. He is a pure gigolo who came to you for your money. And when you stop giving the money freely. He is seeing no reason to be with you. You just need God’s help my dear

  9. He’s a cheat nd das Y he thinks u do d same, buh don’t wori ur case is in d Lord’s hands. No man worth ur sadness so jst move on nd takia of ur little baby.

  10. Almost the women never see anything wrong that this woman cheated on her husband. I wonder the kind of daughters they breed

  11. Must we hv to knw ur marriage issue furk celeb with premature orientation in social media all days….all human facing their own in corner of bedroom no1 hear

  12. dat is it.was wandering why so soon for u both. men r like dat my sister even if u date dem for ten years d one dat wil cheat. wil cheat is jst God favour we shuld b asking in marriage. tiwa if u fit staying alone wil relive u my dear do so. cause no man worth dying for pls tink.for me oo i can’t marry a drug addit

  13. When will these so called artistes have moderate nd peaceful marriage gan sef??? God go settle am jare tiwa,,,,I dey feel u sneh

  14. Forget this two people. Trying to be more famous so that dey next album can sale.
    Forget that thing joor.
    Naa today. Them no quarell anything.
    Dey just using our brain.

  15. It can still be settled,its a very turbulent period,dat will definitely pass.Elders shld pls help settle d mata o

  16. Just wanna drop this for y’all…….. Her husband said tiwa cheated on him with don jazy and co….while tiwa said her husband is also a cheater….if I where you guys don’t chose sides….you and me are not there when all happen,forget the tears or story of committing suicide…… Stop taking drugs for other’s headache………let’s mind our business………… #Cheer’s#

  17. Now the other party is being heard… Tunji now we know that your account wasn’t hacked… Oh why does good girls always marry badt guys?… Tunji a drug addict that sorbid and all fuck up…

  18. You need to watch the video and you will cry for her, though the video is long.how will a man not provide for his family? what a lazzy man!!!!!!!

    • My dear i just watched the video, although its long but its worth d time… such a debtor, uncaring husband, a cheat… haba.

    • If I call him an irresponsible man its not enough to classify how ignorant stupid foolish, ungrateful and wicked man he his I can’t imagine treating a lady dis way…. Some men Sha

    • U people re just talking as if u re sure of what she said, so u believed all d bad things she said and now turned to judges? None of them will admit to be bad, they must defend themselves and only d two of them know the truth. May God have mercy ooo.

  19. Hmmmm, men. Menstrual pain, menstruation , mental problem . Pls my dear u are an Asset not a liability. Let him go if he wants to go. U don try. Men sha! If u manage them Wahala. If u no marry trouble.

  20. For those who are alway quick to judge others i hope u are all readind dis most especially chrishwillzadok chrishwillz.my baby u owe no one any explanation.Teebillz is jst feeling insecured n inferior b4 u datz all buh he would hav understand dat its not easy to marry a celeb.u will surely over come dis storm,luv u alway T baby

  21. If I were to say sumtin to u wld say u both are childish,ur marriage has not tested years and jus becos u both cldnt discuss ur issues u both pilled it up til rage and anger took over very immature. Silence can do more harm than speaking be4 coming dis far u both loved each and in marriage it takes more than love,now u both have d world seeing ur inner life as it is Wat wld have been sorted out had u both called in ur pastor as a matured mind 2 speak to u pple u have now called d world and trust me d wld do no good @ all

    • They called the world but the world they called have nothing good to offer them than to destroy their home more. Most of the people commenting, praising her re either not married, divorced or not enjoying their marriage. So what can people like that advise? And most of d men commenting don’t eve know what’s called marriage or married without being responsible, I don’t expect any sensible comment from such people. Marriage cannot be built outside God and u expect peace, marriage without Christ is pure crisis.

  22. This situation has thought me to look beyond all the wedding razzmatazz,aso ebi,cake design and all that and really pay attention to what u’re going into.

  23. I said it. What he knows his wife’s cheating but pretending to be saint. Nne sorry endure if u can.

  24. Who wan commit suicide no dey tell or call person na after d suicide we go dey see written note so trust me dat guy no wan commit suicide jare na just packaging hahahaha Omo guy no wan carry last

  25. Tiwa you are left alone with two options which are your family carrier or you musical carrier but to me I prefer u choose the family Carrier and stop all those nonsense dancing up and down don’t mind those people out there…#ysf#

  26. The truth is that none of them will tell you what is really happening. Every party will want to play saint. Tomorrow if they settle they won’t ask for your opinion so let’s allow them settle their difference

  27. But when do they get married sef? Now the marriage is over already. We must learn how to endure & over look somethings if you want your marriage to work. May God Take Control

  28. na so tiwa appear for TV without make up and headtie?…. omo d mata serious bidat oo…anyways,,,wen 2 pple accuse each oda of same sin,,dere z more to it…I don’t tink tiwa was ryt saying all dose tins on national TV cus wen dey reconcile,,dey will both regret it…my Dr,,b strong and oga teebillz,,e don do..b a man,apologise and fix ur family…am not taking sides cus I tink dere z more to wat is not said dan wat is said

  29. Wow. Such a strong lady. Made me even like u more. My dear marriage is not a do or die affair. U can do better. U don’t need a waste of space like him. Don’t want to help himself @all. 45 million naira….only God knws way he did with that money and u keep bailing him out. U are better without him dear. He is useless. U see a woman who is very hard working And u foolishly think she is an adulterous woman. Am glad she did this interview to clear the air. If he wants to commit suicide he should…too many people in the world

  30. Its well wit u,just be strong for ur son move on and get focus on ur career,the lord is ur strenghth d guy was just a gold digger stealing frm hef

  31. I will always pray for him… #marriageIsBeautiful… Anyone that can reach her #tiwasavage, please rap this movie #WarRoom as a gift for her… And any home that need peace should see this movie… The only time Jesus use this statement ” have you not read ” when asked a question on marriage.. Marriage requires knowledge… Please read Gods word… #Bible. so much peace there… Than the world can ever provide you.. @donjazzy please give Tiwa this gift… To help her marriage…

  32. The Teebliz guy is a fake. Yeye husband . One that cannot keep his mother of two boy’s before latching into Tiwa’s stardom to marry her. All the drama of wanting to commit suicide is a playlet . It’s to paint Tiwa in a bad light , and cowed her finances. It’s all about her fortune.

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