Popular skitmaker, Isaac Olayiwola professionally known as Layi Wasabi reminisced on how his uncle travelled from Ibadan to Osogbo to discipline him for failing Physics.

Speaking with 90sbabyshow, the skitmaker shared a surprising story, when his uncle had to embark on a two-hour journey to discipline him for excelling in Biology and Chemistry but failing Physics.

Recounting the event, the school suggested he switch to an arts course which provoked his mum, who thought he wasn’t taking school seriously. She immediately reported him to one of his uncles.

He noted that upon his uncle’s arrival, he opened the gate and assisted him in offloading his luggage from the car while he was unaware of his uncle’s aim.

His uncle requested his school report sheet after a glass of water and then instructed him to lie on the floor for failing Physics and his poor performance in Mathematics.

Layi exclaimed that he knew his fate then and had to receive the scheduled flogging.

Social media users assumed that Layi’s uncle’s intentional discipline had shaped him into an intelligent and versatile professional among his colleagues in the industry.

@iamcollinsopara Sounds like your uncle had a serious commitment to discipline! That’s some dedication, traveling all that way just to hand out a lesson. Must have been quite the memorable trip for both of you

@Feroblogger1 I think we all have that uncle in our lives, but I love the way switched from Wasabi to Layi in this video

@EbiraConnect Maybe it was the flogging that was the turning point for him and his comedy… better go and thank him more

@Osun_1stSon Wokeness have spoil fun of being a child

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