A woman identified as Lerato Bawela, a South African, has made a revelation that has left people stunned.

She revealed that she can’t get a man to love her or find a job and she believes this is because of an invisible man she married when she was 17, who chases all her lovers away because he’s jealous.

According to Daily Sun SA, the 40-year-old from Dlamini in Soweto said her invisible husband is making her life a living hell.

“Since I was a teenager I have never been lucky with men. They always leave.

“On three occasions men called off weddings after all plans had been made,” she claimed. “Whenever I have a man to settle down with, he vanishes.”

Lerato said sangomas told her someone rubbed muthi on her underwear and left it at the graveyard.

“I was always losing underwear but I never thought it was being used for muthi. I’m tired of the invisible man. He only pokes me but doesn’t take care of me.”

It’s not only her love life that is a mess.

She said she couldn’t find a job and that whenever she tried to start a business, it failed.

“I have been to many sangomas and prophets and they have all told me to find my missing black underwear buried in a grave somewhere.”

Lerato said every time she met a new man, he vanished after they exchanged numbers and she never heard from him again.

“I hate every man I see now because of this shadow man I walk with every day. I can’t live this kind of life. I need help.”

Traditional healer Mahlinza Dlamini from Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni said: “There is a shadow of a human being taken from the cemetery to destroy her whenever she is planning to succeed.”

He said only the ZCC and the Shembe churches could help her.

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  1. D only solution is JESUS u need Jesus once u accept Jesus ur life will change coz light comprehends darkness n Jesus is d light simple deliver ursef now n be saved. Look for any believing church near u n bcom serious with God. Thr are cases like that but God intervened I assure u God is waiting for u

  2. I hope the invisible husband provides for you but if he doesn’t, tell the ghost to fuck off. If you are still providing for yourself and that so call spiritual husband is just there then it’s time to let go. Who invisible husband epp?

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