A US based Nigerian man who identifies as Uncle Charles declared on social media that he has no regrets denouncing his Nigerian citizenship.

The man wrote on Twitter (X) that he doesn’t feel apologetic for rejecting his status of a being a Nigerian citizen.

In his tweet,

“Glad I have no regrets renouncing my Nigerian Citizenship. Never to be addressed alongside horrible humans. I’m proud to say I was only born in that horrible country but I’m not from there. Tueh”

He noted that he doesn’t want to be recognized with other Nigerians – identifying the citizens as “horrible humans”. However, he is pleased to claim that he was born in Nigerian. The man reluctantly denied his Nigerian citizenship.

The man’s tweet has triggered mixed reactions on social media, as majority disapproved his opinion and warned him from associating with Nigerians while others commended him for renouncing his citizenship.

See reactions below,

@call.me.kauskaus Even after becoming the citizen of another country, you will still be fighting for acceptance that’s the irony of life😂😂😂😂😂😂

@kachiucheagwu Congratulations. I hope this tweet doesn’t come back to haunt you. We should be mindful of what we put out there in the guise of being woke

@akiti_sylvester I would do same if I have the opportunity, you need to leave Nigeria to understand that Nigeria is not a country but dungeon design against her own citizens

@king_odia Congratulations, we don’t need people like you in the first place. Enjoy your new country without interfering in Nigeria’s affairs.




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