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A young woman has appreciated God for assisting her in abstaining from sleeping with married guys this year.

Accoridng to the young lady, she has an issue with sleeping with married men since they always appeal to her more than single men.

The lady however became bored of socializing with them and decided to pray to God about it, and her prayers were fulfilled.

She expressed joy in her post to Joro Olomofin about being able to cease sleeping with married men. She also prayed for those women like herself who are solely attracted to married guys.

“TESTIMONY have not slept with a married man this year. I thank God
Hi Joro, good evening. I have a problem of sleeping with married men. I just like them, tbh it’s only married men who toast me.
But I put it to prayer that I don’t want to sleep with married men anymore.
Am very happy the year is coming close and I have not slept with any1 thank God.
I no there are so many like me. If I can do it you can do it too. I pray my own husband will come soon.”

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