An unidentified man has confessed that he has slept with at least 200 women since he got married.

He shared his story with relationship adviser, Jon Doe who asked his followers to share secrets they have been hiding from their partners.

Sad young man looking through the window

According to him, he had been cheating on his wife just a month after their wedding in 2015.

He also shared that he would be celebrating one year of not cheating on his wife in February since he tried to be a better person.

He wrote;

“Lord of the Agbafians, I greet you sir. I have so many secrets I’m hiding from my wife and all boils down to infidelity. I met my wife at NYSC and while dating her during service year, I was cheating on her. We got married in 2015
December, January 2016, I started playing away match. Agba, since I married till now, if I lose count on the number of girls, e don reach 200 and I know if she ever finds out, it’d be a big problem in my marriage. I love my wife so much but this issue of serial knacking has killed my confidence to the point that I can no longer look her in the eyes and tell her I love her.
But I’m happy that now I can say I’m a changed man. February 16
2023 will make it 1 year my gbola serviced only my wife. I’ve let go of away matches.”

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