‘I know about child spacing, expect baby number 4 soon’ – Mercy Johnson Tells Critics


It is no longer news that Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, is presently pregnant with her third child.


This came months after she welcomed her second child from her marriage that was consummated on August 27, 2011, in Lagos.

After the news of her third pregnancy made headlines, several people castigated her for not observing what they called proper child spacing.

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But the actress, in a recent interview, slammed those attacking her to let her be because she is old enough to decide on what is good for her.


She told Goldmyne TV, “I am expecting my third child and I’m a married person so I don’t think people should ask me why. I understand the ethics of spacing kids but I’m a married person and an adult, I can decide the way I want to live my life.

So yes, I’m having my third baby very soon. Thank you so much for the good wishes, thank you so much for the hate speeches, but save some of the hate speeches because the fourth will soon come to round it up then you can show your anger then but for now it’s good news let’s celebrate.”

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Comments 426

  1. Take it easy my dear

  2. Anonymous says:

    Go babe, tell them, let them leave you alone. More blessings sweet.

  3. Ama Tekyiwaa says:

    They should mind their own business. … are dey the once taking care of them, oya have more don’t mind them. …they talk too much.

  4. Tell them my mentor…

  5. You have everything so you go girl those are blessings receive them sister congrats

  6. Yes tell dem paa

  7. True! Tell those haters that you will not be passing any responsibility to them. After all your hubby is happy (pun unintended) .

  8. Atafo Esther says:

    Tell dem my dearest. U re too much

  9. Cindy Ackom says:

    Love ur spirit Sist, matured girl… No o push over… Tell them to mind they’re own

  10. Buzzy Tee says:

    Hmm… God is at Wrk, so wot is dos gossipers stress? Eshalaye

  11. Anuli Ezenwa says:


  12. Drop all of dem and b free dear frnd

  13. Emem Brown says:

    Please do your thing once and for all

  14. the next will be twins makin 4 and 5. Carry on my mentor

  15. I love that your Ebira spirit. Proudly Ebira. Haters go hug transformer and leave ma sis alone

  16. Tell em off them haters just do your thing keep em coming

  17. Is Gods blessing don mind dem

  18. Born wetin u wan born my sister and rest

  19. Chris Ohia says:

    Don’t mind all these people that gossip you, do ur own thing that God has made for you already show them the new way as a star you are that you can handle it so many pplp is looking 4 such opportunity to show fort that they can actually get preg. sum jealousy u.

  20. Audu Joseph says:

    mercy Johnson, continue

  21. Michael Obi says:

    People should mind there businesses,

  22. Gbam !!!

  23. Odero Jacob says:

    U have the freedom even to have a football team in ur house..#children…at the end of the day u r the bread winner…those with big mouths let them go and hang themselves…@Marcy Johnson…these haters will never stop opening their big mouths….if u don’t conceive, they talk..if u conceive, they will still have smting to say…let them go to hell nkt..!!!…

  24. Vicy Moses says:

    dont mine them,all of them na busy bodies,i like ur Patten,whn i get married i wil use ur patten, so i wil stop n take care of myself,my children n ofcourse my hubby

  25. Rose Okpo says:

    Gunshi them haters, congrats dear.

  26. Don’t mind them my dear

  27. Wat is dear problem…I will do exactly when am married…go gal

  28. Why must u question someone for such???Its her life,even if she decides to give birth to 20kids,does it concern anyone?Mind ur damn business & let Mercy Johnsons to live her life the way she wishes

  29. omo i trust u jarah. mercy u b my correct babe

  30. I love that

  31. Thus said da lord go into d world and multiply ,my dear datz d gift of God do it ur way ,I love it

  32. Alli Adewale says:

    U are de real BORN AGAiN, fire on mummy.

  33. Dnt mind dem my suga if dey are nt comfortable wit it dey should go nd hug transformer

  34. Hommy Light says:

    Correct tell them. Cheap Amino mind your business

  35. Ros Lina says:

    Sometimes is not spacing oooo I decided to bring them out that’s the number I want and have tym work and look after them . why waste 5-6 yrs bf bringing another baby out? For me every year I will born that’s if I get marriage I want 3

  36. Lardi Moro says:

    Never mind them dear

  37. I love d spirit

  38. Pple sha…@ least she is r husbands house happily married….

  39. Mercy Udoka says:

    Never mind them my dear, congrate

  40. Peace Ezim says:

    Tell them

  41. correct!!! leave bad belle pple…u born dem talk, u nor born, dem go still talk.

  42. Regina Ewada says:

    Mydear, why bothering urslf? It ur choice do it now dat u re strong kudos jare

  43. I love dat carry go joor

  44. Mary Eke says:

    Tell them

  45. My dear,don’t mine anybody! Is ur life

  46. Go ahead dear I wish u safe delivery ijn

  47. Iritevu Rosy says:

    Mercy J, my lv, u ar matured enough 2 decide wat 2 do, pls don’t listen 2 dem, Jst do yur tin shap-shape an stp, d earlier d better bcos of yur job, think abt it

  48. My darlin mercy..luv uuu

  49. Dnt mine them, na u take pass some of them

  50. Jane Steege says:

    You jumped into bed immediately from hospital.

    • Odufu Monica says:

      Wat is ur own

    • Na u get her yansh or carry pikin come meet you.

    • Jane Steege says:

      @Odufu Monica. I’m a doctor so I know what I mean. Women should give themselves proper time to heal and psychologically fit before hoping into bed so soon, Men should as well be patient until a woman has properly healed. During a vaginal delivery, the area between the vagina and anus called the perineum, can tear or may be cut by the doctor so that the baby can be delivered more easily. If the doctor cuts the area, the procedure is called an episiotomy. After delivery, this area may be very sensitive for several days, weeks or months. It may hurt when you sit, walk, cough, sneeze or during intercourse. When the placenta comes out it leaves a wound in the uterus which takes time to heal. Penetrative sex can potentially introduce air into the vagina. Proper time is needed otherwise, a woman may make things worse.

  51. I love u dear keep it up.

  52. Faith Paul says:

    Kip it up go on even if it millions so u get money no problem

  53. Gloria Eno says:

    Ride on my MJ i love dat…………..

  54. Kate Friday says:

    @Jane mind your business,or do you want to help her husband?

  55. I love dat Mercy . Johnson. Haters would always talk.

  56. One thing the so called haters,forget is dat age has a role to play in a woman’s life. Bbiologically,the older a woman get d more difficult it becomes to concieve and others issues. Mercy is blessed,let her have her kids with while she is young. All the haters need is to pray for others celebrites who are getting old,yet not married not to talk of kids to get married,settle down and have children.

  57. Baby carry on don’t mind dem.

  58. tell them jor…

  59. Ogbe Grace says:

    I really do not know what is the problem of this so called haters, her husband is very comfortable with her.must u take panadon for another man’s headache.

  60. Watever

  61. Very wise chic,abeg dey born dey go. E nor concern anybody o

  62. Perpy Nzaou says:

    Plz keep making babies it’s none of your business people. ..

  63. Thats ma dumebiii

  64. Correct I love that my

  65. We should expect 6th child in 2016

  66. Kate Golly says:

    Love you mercy…..

  67. Ogbe Grace says:

    Some married women are out of their matrimonial home all bcus of childlessness, just bcus their husbands or in-laws refuse to be patient with them. Pls you people should leave M.J alone. Instead of the critics to her,criticise God of blessing her with another fruit of the womb. That is if you can.

  68. Ogbe Grace says:

    Welcome hater.

  69. Itoro Brown says:

    If she no born dey will say mercy has spoil her womb through abortion . Now that mercy born has she lik dey will talk, mercy born has u lik abeg

  70. Congratulations

  71. Keep it up my dear. This is ur time.


  73. Pple will always talk, so pls don’t mind dem.

  74. Meaning people will be talkin bout me too o buh not as Mj cos m no celeb….. Na so babe.

  75. She is champion…guys mind your business…is her life for heaven sake…MJ. go ahead after all youre not asking anyone for help…

  76. Why ppl like quarrel pass fight? Wetin concerns una, abi na u help her sit for hot water? She is old enough totake care of. Her self? Useless Amebo ppl wey no get work

  77. Carry go MERCY, increase the population to 200,000,000

  78. E go reach 12

  79. Glorious fortunes nd increase dearie!


  81. Dnt mind them they’re just jealous

  82. Suzyb Doo says:

    Thats my gal kip it up!

  83. Sharon Ekeno says:


  84. Well done girl. You are not self centered. God bless you

  85. Anna Manu says:

    People shd mind their own bussiness

  86. Anna Manu says:

    I feel am in your shoes.Will hv even expect my 5born…

  87. Makiba Ngu says:

    Carry go aftall u are a married woman.

  88. Mary Daniyan says:

    Ignore them o my best Nollywood star. May God deliver you safely!!!

  89. Jealousy jealousy, na im d worry them

  90. You go girl, I’m very Happy , and Proud of you. Is good to have them young and grow with them . God bless you and your Beutiful Family.

  91. Born d go no problem, autonomous community

  92. Ugodinma Ify says:

    Mercy I’m happy for u.thank God for u dear.

  93. My angel

  94. U looking beautiful daring

  95. Haddy Gomez says:

    Have ur babies whenever u want honey if it’s possible month after month do it if u wish to its no shame u married show them what marriage is all about a lot of ur mates are getting married and divorce the next day stay true and happy girl u rock much respect to u and ur family

  96. Wetin be people business?jealousy is d answer.nne dont mind dem

  97. Abeg ride on nothin do u babe u too much dear

  98. Laura Okafor says:

    Hahahaa! Carry go gal

  99. Don’t mind them Dear, they want to manage their home, and manage yours for you. It’s not possible for them.

  100. Hammmmmmmmm

  101. Tell them to mind their own damn business… nkt..!!

  102. Its ur life sweet

  103. Yes ooooo. Don’t mind them, if it had taken you time to have children, they would have started calling you barren woman.

  104. Don’t mind them dear, a human being was born to talk..live your life and enjoy to the maximum..They won’t add or subtract anything to your life…more blessings!

  105. lol aha dats a huge no. my Lady,I dnt wnt u 2 go off body shape.but anyway ur beta dan dos innocent soul killers out thr.congratz on ur blessings.1 day u’l b very much thankfuloooo.b blessed!

  106. MzPee MzPee says:

    Carry on my dear

  107. Good gal, continue giving birth to your babies, after all u r very rich, do it quick then come back to ua careeer without interference

  108. If she no born pikin, shey na stone she go born??? Haters think!! She didn’t tie anyone’s womb, so go ahead and av urs!! It’s a free world

  109. Keep on nevermind abt wht pple say u knw wht u ar doing its yo lfe

  110. U go girllll well said

  111. Don’t blame the critics. Mercy Johnson has no privacy, becauce she is a public figure. She only has opportunity of choice.

  112. Hauwa Ali says:

    hmmmm m sweet dont mind dem…ur doin wt God says we should do…. after all she have all d money dat can take care of more dan ten children so please go on sweedy may Almighty God give d strenght to born as much as u want

  113. #TheThunderWeyGoFireUnaMouth@MJ’sHatersStillDeyDoPressUp#. Its her life non of ur fucking ass biz.mtcheeeeeeeeeeew

  114. Spacing is good but once u re thirty something u need rush and if u also if u hv d money to look after dem and for d woman In question she needs eat good food i mean confirm balance diet for health reasons as for mercy i think she is capable

  115. Tank God she is not barren .. My dear sis God is ur strength ride ooooon

  116. Av dem as many as u can ..

  117. Yhoo whoa i luv dis person watevr u r doing lov u only.

  118. Bolanle Odun says:

    u can never never satisfy humanbeign my dear d lord is ur strength

  119. Na wao,4 piple watin concern una na,ini edo no born,dem criticis m till she devorc,ad nw mercy won born all mak she rest,dem sti da complain,na wao….no mind dem joo…

  120. Carry go mercy na god will

  121. Children are ultimate gifts from GOD, so mercy carry on, the lord will grant u safe delivery all through.

  122. I dnt jst knw y pple wont mind their business,, or is it wen she gets to her monopause that she should deliver#amebos,, pack wel o!

  123. Pple like comenting rubish,she is capable of taking cares of her children,so what is wrong wth that?have she ever come to ur door nd ask for food.please allow her wth her life,if she no born na una go still talk say she done use her body meet every men for movie industry

  124. I love you Mrs love uuuuuuu

  125. Abi oooo for God’s sake she is a married woman and can decide to av as many as she want people should free her abeg

  126. Mercy love its ur life…nd ur children…nd its nobody’s damn business…. Ride on…no one can run ur home for you cos your home is not nollywood.

  127. Tina Gikui says:

    Way to go gal. Let pple plan their own lives and respect decisions of others

  128. Dont mind them, talkatives.

  129. pliz pliz, if the husband has not complained to u, who are u? she has to be on stage. and she wants the chapter of children to be done with, whats wrong with that? she can hire pple to take care of those kids, Go girl

  130. Tell dem

  131. Aporoko dem b

  132. My dear carry go, na ignorance they worry them. Is ur lyf.

  133. Glory Johnny says:

    You are favoured mj

  134. Aunty Chico says:

    go on girl

  135. Bad belle people?

  136. My dear born as u like na God win

  137. Don’t mind dem sis

  138. Baby oku carry go jare.

  139. Mercy go on i like u ur mainting ur maeeiage contiune many tink u will go out frm marriage likes orders but ur strong i luv dat never give up God will bless u and ur marriage

  140. Osuimi kn die! Wonder y ppl will b hating unecessarily. Anywaz I love ur cute reply u couldnt v said a better thing dn u just did….and now let ur haters go shit in their hand. Shut d front door babee!!!

  141. Ibiene Joe says:

    Pple dat do nt hv wk, na una way get una mouth talk na free, mk una no go born una own dey talk about some1 idiot

  142. My dear no mind those jobless animals in human skin, they are not the one taking care of your children, try born nd rest even the nature of your job you need to do it fast! Luv y..o..u..!

  143. carry go my name sake. your are blessed my dear. in the next ten years you will see how grown these your children will become. the same people who are condeming you now will start feeling jealous of you. so ride on baby because you are really fruitful.

  144. Carry on dear, push them out at once,work on your shape later and remain figure eight for life.

  145. Becky Phill says:

    Empty talks only come from empty brains…go ahead,hit your goals and let them bubble with rubbish

  146. My dear u don’t mand what people are saying cos dere is noting u will do on dis word to please human beings,do ur tins as u wish,like me i stared bearing children 2o11.I have three beautifull kids,two girls nd a boy.nd am preg for fourth child now trusting God let d baby be a boy.so my dear do ur tins as u wishes cos time waits for nobody,wish u safe delivering.

  147. Obi Anuri says:

    Wen we talk of child spacin, it means havin de number of kids one want by choice and not by chance. I beliv Mercy is havin de number of she want by choice and her is capable of trainin dem, beside age is not on her side any more. So those haters should let her be.

  148. I see nothing wrong she want to finish having baby and rise them at once

  149. I wonder y some one else takes the red pepper en then a buffon from no where starts whining like a dog about how hot the peppwr is,,,,if shes giving birth every year,,,a u the one who pays her hospital bills???? , Rubbishh,,,,,,,,start building your wrecked poor thing capacities en let my lady take care of her husband,kids en be happy ,,,,,leeave her alone!!!!,,,,stupid!!!!!!!

  150. Dear MJ,,,,leave those dogs to whine,,,soon they will pick bones thrown at them, ,after all thats wat dogs are good at besides gossiping,,,,,,bullshit……

  151. Haters go to hell

  152. Bela Bela says:

    Keep it up the good Lord will see you true. Because he is a giver of all good things. He is the one blessing you with the fruit of womb so what are we nor talk; many of them their mother give birth to 12and 15 is not a new thing you have four.

  153. That was her plan her dreams to have a large family big up to u mercy

  154. She beg them money abi na nanny she say make una come do? Family planning experts…. #hatereverywhereeveninthetoliet

  155. Ppl talk too much if sh does gv birth u wik say sh is barren sh is add up 2 Gods sayn fill d earth too u are tlkn hmmmm mind ur own bznsss

  156. Tonia Idam says:

    Mercy i really thank God for u, if ur marriage was fruitless, d same critics will say perhabs u had aborted all in ur womb, Nw God has visited ur family! Shine on my dear and let them say on!

  157. People are so funny oooo.wetin concern anybody????.@MJ__ride on girl.i love u.God has giving u d blessing of d womb. You’re favored!!!

  158. My dear,u answered them well.Carry go.

  159. Na waa sum people re not serious u people shuld leave dumebi ooo alone if she want a basketball team leave her ok .mind ur business haba .pls ride on mercy .

  160. joke says:

    I don’t understand people,first u were among the people who criticize her and now u are praising her, people with their two mouth God help u all.as for mercy I blv u know what is right and wrong just go for what u believe in.

  161. Ugbeh Kate says:

    Mercy never listen to noises. mercy has never come to anyone to pay school fess, pay house rent, beg for food or clothes why criticizing her. pls find something to do about your life and live Mercy alone. ride on my love nothing do you. may almighty God guides you and be with your family.

  162. Can’t wait to see baby number six..

  163. Yes oh carry go am happy for u my dear, its because they don’t have hasband and no kids so They don’t know what it takes to be a mother and to be happy with your children.bad bely ppl let them go and have their own,. Did u ask them for breast milk,baby milk, clouths or

  164. Evelyn Iyoha says:

    my dear, i’m really happy 4 u…. let dem talk na dem get their mouth, just be urself and do whatever dat will make u and ur family happy,… “end of story” infact i love ur ways… just relax and take gud care of urself and d family and leave d rest 4 baba God.. him alone has d final say and not people of d world.. ‘one love’

  165. azubuike chioma says:

    my sweet mango dumebi,my luv and my role model carry go nothin do u, if the haters like let dem visit d nearest transformer and hang themselves; cos ur God hs already blessd u so ride on and do ur thinx d wey u like. Luv u much

  166. Ada Zion says:

    Don’t mind them.

  167. Mercy don’t mind them. Have all the children you want. Do take care of your health though. It is well with you jare!!!!

  168. Please ignore them beautiful lady and hit the ground running now that the Iron is red hot.

  169. Carry on my dear,dose pple dat wnts 2 die should go nd die.

  170. Anonymous says:


  171. Ama Saah says:

    Yes i agree with u mercy

  172. Chioma Akani says:

    Carry go u too much ooo


  174. Mercy I so much admire you….. With the way you are putting to birth, it shows how great and a wonderful woman you are

  175. Ify Angelic says:

    I like your style jare, that’s how I wanna do mine

  176. Mercy my wife carry go we love u and God u more

  177. Mary Friday says:

    Merciful Mercy dont mind them, born as many as the Grace of God, children are the heritage of God and the fruit of the womb her reward

  178. 3 to 4 children are just fine if u ask me, no big deal unlike our parents who used to get 7kids and above .

  179. Bertha Alili says:

    Good one!

  180. Ohhh humans? Is there anything humans won’t complain about?

  181. It’s ur life mercy………shut ur ears to ths idle critics. After all no one wil raise your kids for you.

  182. Huh baby no 3 nt 4…..

  183. Aisha Ismail says:

    There r those who r craving to have atleast one só when u have more then Its a blessing.dont curse ur self mercy because of haters God has a reason for every happening in ur life

  184. Dear mercy i dey ur back wai

  185. Dear mercy i dey ur back

  186. My 1st baby is 11month old and am expecting another one very soon. That’s d way I like it. Am know about baby spacing tooooooo

  187. Quinky Appah says:

    i love u bae…dats d spirit, always keep ur head high

  188. What business does one have over other pples bedroom matters,she is a learned woman n she knows what she is doing,u r a real African woman Mercy go for ur number

  189. … despites her fame and fortune… correct woman na im u be, Mercy. carry dey go.

  190. Some have womb but cannot conceive,some can conceive but have no womb.MJ has womb and she can conceive,glory be to God.Amen……#screwdemhaters#

  191. My dear I dey ur back jealousy nd gossipers go die. Stupid ple dt dnt mind der business

  192. go on do not mind them

  193. Carry go my dear, nothing do u. No mind what pple say, is a gift frm GOD so God has given it to u smile 4 Jesus loves u and ur family

  194. Opone Helen says:

    Just imagine it’s because nobody is charging them for talking any how busy body them

  195. Tammy Aguru says:

    Love u.

  196. Najat Mahama says:

    Don’t mind dem

  197. Mercy baby l like ur way joor, haters should hug transformer

  198. Face ur problem, live her alone

  199. Mercy ur bless is not easy 2 concive count ur self lucky.

  200. MJ am happy for u

  201. Mercy Mensah says:

    Ei i wonder for people o. If u keep on giving birth, wahala. If u dont give birth, wahala. Na wetin man for do in this world? Eiiiiiii hmmmmm. MJ give as many children as u want okay. God bless ur children n ur family. Amen!

  202. Mercy Mensah says:

    Buh MJ keep on oooooo. God has not shut the gate of ur womb. God bless ur womb

  203. I really prefer it this way my role model

  204. Flo Nyash says:

    You go gal… I like you!

  205. Bashir Abba says:


  206. No one can reject God’s BLESSINGS especially children….the primary aim of getting married is to have lovely children u can call urs

  207. Dorothy Esu says:

    Chikom. QED

  208. Bashir Abba says:


  209. Nancy Blezy says:

    Child spacing is meant for poor pple, waiting for 7th child 2017

  210. You are my sweet heart children are gifts from God and every child is unique in his/her own way.

  211. Aseye Enima says:

    Why can’t people mind their own business?

  212. I wish u al the best darling

  213. Tell dem ooo

  214. Oumou Muctar says:

    Pls mercy go on ya

  215. Ruth Bali says:

    I am happy for you.

  216. Vicky Addai says:

    People talk about ini edo that she couldn’t have kids and now they think mercy Johnson is having more kids! What won’t people talk about

  217. Maame Saah says:

    This thing is making me mad like something.Africans the most jealous people ever.

  218. Ignore them and do your thing.

  219. Good for them busy bodies

  220. I love u jarehh? Even the fifth one sef. Don’t mind them. Do what is good for u

  221. come come gosipers wots ur props let her be plssssssssssssssssssss

  222. Nigeria aaaaaaaaa ——-”.watin consign Agbero wt overload

  223. What is their problem at all?

  224. Faith Ngwu says:

    No mind them joor,.

  225. Favor Ngozi says:

    Nne the do am as it pleases u don’t mind haters, people must talk. as for me by the grace of God na every 6 months if possible. Na Godwin

  226. Ros Lina says:

    Infact mercy may God give u twins in Jesus name

  227. Odun Care says:

    I dnt just undrstnd why pple use to pokenose nonsense in other pple affair atleast dey are nt d 1feeding her and her children.nawao enjoy ur life to d fullest and dnt pay to wat pple says.

  228. Labake Cole says:

    I think the only way you can answer to this people is to keep quiet. Secondly you have to respect your self, Husband, your children by keeping quite, darling baby oku.❤

  229. My dear mercy, don’t mind them carry on i like your style. God bless you. no time to west

  230. Ehi Gift says:

    Mercy don’t mind those jobless people oh

  231. My dear mercy abeg carrygo nor mind all dose aproko people wen nor dey mind dere buziness.thank God dat u r happly married dey r only jelous i trust God to keep u n ur baby ijn amen

  232. My dear mercy abeg carrygo nor mind all dose aproko people wen nor dey mind dere buziness.thank God dat u r happly married dey r only jelous i trust God to keep u n ur baby ijn amen

  233. Congratulations gal… N b blessed it’s your life forget about the haters… N may the fruits of your womb be blessed….

  234. Toyosi Aremu says:

    Now she’s hply married dey er opny dere big maut if she no mary

  235. Toyosi Aremu says:

    If she no mary and born dem go talk again sey she has children with no specific fathers aaaa this world. E ti enu bako ke e sinmi.

  236. Is she not leaving with her husband why r pple so so dump for d fact dat she is a celeb does not mean she ahould go about with just 1 kid pls u pple u learn to me mature i mean is not like she is leaving with her fellow lady kaiii nigerians very soon una go yab kim k as well

  237. God bless u nd God should av mercy upon all ur haters ,love u more

  238. Watin be una business ooooooooo, enemies of progress. My sister I beg continue jooor. Because na so I take born all my kids.see me naaa I dey enjoy dem.

  239. Obasi Joy says:

    No mind den joor

  240. I had my twins at the age of 44 people are talking ad I named them end of discussion and discussion continue. Mercy johnson I wish you self delivery ad u will have another one ad discussion continues.

  241. Betty Ogo says:

    There is kw hw u can certify human. So the best thing to do, give deaf ears nd go on with ur life.

  242. Nne Iji ya. Pls enjoy ur hus.

  243. In mercy case the er nt concern about the fact that she is prolific but the fact that she has been her self all this while and is blessing her wth the fruit of the womb so ride on

  244. Children r UA own affair whether wateva no. xo don myd them afta ol uu son require them to raise UA kids

  245. Fati Mumin says:

    My dear the good Lord help u have a safe delivery wit this child,forget about human,no matter what they will hv something to say,God bless u n ur family

  246. Tell dem o,busy bodies wey no fit mind dia business,some women dey carry water for keg dey waka from one church to another, dey look for belle naim dem come dey put mouth for verta battery bu agba kpam motor aza vooom

  247. You are right, my dear, children are blessings from God, so keep it up.

  248. Abutu Ann says:

    Abi ooo ..love your style

  249. Babes carry on rush it and get it over and done with. U are responsible. Love u jare!

  250. Don’t mind them my dear, live your life to the fullest

  251. Mercy Iwara says:

    Baby do ur thing joo early and rest.God says go to the world and multiply andthesubdue the earth.is a command from God.wen u delay people say ur barren.Haters get lost.mercy is capable to care for her kids.Her husband is not doing badly either.

  252. Productive lady.

  253. Happy for her duo,but easy does it. Its her life,its her world,its her everytin. Haters or nt none of anybody’s biz bt behind every unreasonable talks there is a lil sense. Easy does it!

  254. Meg Oby says:

    Do ur wish my dear, it is GOD mandate for u.

  255. Always haters there like that. Let them talk coz they dont have work to do

  256. millions of people are praying everyday for just a child and you are talking about her being pregnant again. congrat girl its the Lord doings

  257. Evelyn Dick says:

    My lov I wish I wil see u nw to giv u a big hug nd smooth kiss lov u more

  258. Those who criticize you are those who can’t stay in marriage. They hop out after few months of marriage with one or no kid at all giving excuses about their husband, the question i ask is “were they blind before saying yes they do?”. My dear mercy u made not just the right choice but the best. Ride on my role model, a real african woman you are

  259. It’s her life , she can decide to give birth 4 times a year

  260. Good luck gal…its ur family and that is how u want it…if u and mr.okojie want it that way…live ur life…i love u n wont stop…

  261. Nyiky Flozy says:

    We give God the glory and wish u the best dear.Wen Jesus say YES,nobody can say NO.

  262. Is better 2 call d spade a spade. D truth is dat,d pregnacy is rlly early but it has happen. Wishing u safe delivery

  263. Children are a blessing from God so whats ur problem People y are u criticing her cant u see that it is God who is blessing her

  264. Dnt Knw Y People Seems To Be Jobless…Pokenoseing In To Some One Problem Pls Let Stop Critzing Her Cus Dat Wat She Want…She Plses Her Self So It Nobody Busness After All Shes Married,wish Yah Safe Delvery

  265. Ama Saah says:

    Mercy don’t mind anybody continue producing we want them

  266. No mind dem oooo Amebo people

  267. My Darling don’t mind them

  268. Waren Irene says:

    It’s her womb and those are her kids. Is her husband complaining if not. Wetin be your problem. She should be hér husbands problem not u. A beg mercy u can have all the kids u want I will help carry them for u. When u r travelling. Ok
    Love u

  269. Anayo Okeke says:

    Let them say OK. Its shouldn’t b a problem for u.

  270. Uloma Benny says:

    My roll model, dnt mind them, they are only being unecessary jealous…may God protect u nd ur family, i love u…

  271. Mercy don’t mind anybody, just get the no of children u want now the u are young, & rest all ur life without stress of child bearing.

  272. Why are you taking panadol for someone else headache.

  273. i dnt kw y mercy is evn answerin dem,they’ll still be d first to say congrat after her delivery

  274. Yea, datz the spirit girl. Love u for this

  275. I thank God for you Mrs Mercy okojie.Go on please.It is your own cup of tea.I wish you safe delivery.Please don’t reply them again.They should prepare for the naming ceremony.

  276. James Esther says:

    Ride on my role model. My African Queen, wish you safe delivery , don’t mind bad bele people

  277. Onu Nneka says:

    Na u get Tim 4 busy body, people.

  278. #SILYMI#

  279. Best answer my dear

  280. Its non of their busines of wht u doing at youre own time keep it up sweety this is gud i wish you all the best

  281. Na wa oooo if she no born na dem go talk, now she dey born una dey complain… her answer fit una..expect de 4th one….

  282. Ada Fanny says:

    Baby do it ones and rest ,don’t mind them is blessing from above

  283. pregncy is a gift 4rm GOD so plz leav her in peace 4 GODs sake mercy a b ur prblm so if nah gud 4u my dia

  284. Yuu are a star

  285. mj, Leave dem wid deir gossips. Dey are jobless pple. pple will always Talk abou U. rememba, if pple dnt Talk abou U, U’re Nobody. Leave dem. dey Might be jealous……its plane jealousy.

  286. Lt dem talk

  287. It is nobodys bizness if d pregnsncy is early or not Mercy jhnson is one of d most responsibles actresses dat is really really ready to stay in marriage so let her be for Christ sake u.ve no right to tell her when nd when not to be pregnant u are not her husband sweet I ve always loved u nd will cont. To love u dnt be moved by what they are saying.there are pple who ve bn married for years no children It is God that is blessing u with those beautiful children not man so cont to ve as many as God wants u to ve God will keep u d childre nd ur husb nothing shall any means hurt u in Jesus name Amen

  288. Kate Eze says:


  289. all the best mercy

  290. Sarah Godwin says:

    I wish u safe delivery dear.Noone has d rite to decide whn u should v ur kids.God that gave an open womb isnt foolish.If u had stayd three yrs in ur marriage witout kids,same peeps wud v said u v aborted all d children in ur womb jst like they said about Ini Edo.Ride on girl.Nobody dey feed u.

  291. Don’t mind dem,Haters….my idol,Nobody buys food for u,Is ur prayers,confident,courage and Hardworking dat makes u who u want to be….Forget about dem….Everybody get haters

  292. E dy swt u. Na so dm dy born

  293. yesss oooooo! i love ur style…..they are just jealous

  294. My dear keep on to your life

  295. Now that Mercy Johnson has agreed to marry , people would not rejoice , what of those other celebrities who have decided to live like men buying houses every where , what do you call them ? Please allow her to pay the duty of nature.

  296. нιт ℓιкє ιf υ αяє нєяє тσ яєα∂ ¢σммєитѕ ℓιкє мє……ωιикz

  297. Ramat says:

    carry on my best actress. D gossipers; Na dem get dere mouth, if de lyk mk de use am chop shit

  298. If at all you are getting pregnant every months, you are the owner of your womb, just rush it once and for all and face your career. And be giving it to your spouse stedy_stedy so that he won’t be looking at anywhere else, bravo.

  299. Ride on Jare! nothing do u at all.

  300. Marie Maysam says:

    She wants to go back to her career.. Nyc moves mercy..those yelling don’t even know whether they’re FERTILE..

  301. Don’t mind dem jooooor

  302. jimoh ozohu Bily says:

    I love ur way my sister

  303. Tell dem….let dem know

  304. so why should such news make headlines? if you choose to have a football team in a year upto you. It doesn’t in any way change the nigerian economy

  305. Carry go my dear the lord is ur strength n he will always b wit u

  306. na wa ooo if she no born una go talk she dey born una still dey talk. she even get time to answer una. abeg leave your life, you are not responsible for their misfortune.

  307. Miriam Rhoda says:

    Mercy my luv, u are de best, pls dnt listing to enemies, they are jealous bcos u are progressing everyday, shame on dem may GOD continue to favor nd keep u nd ur husband together in JESUS NAME AMEN, CONGRAT SWEETY.

  308. Ofa Edith says:


  309. Enemy of progress dats wot dey are.PROKOS!!!! E GO TIRE DEM,move on forward ever,back ward never.

  310. Tatiana Adou says:

    eiiii human beings and their gossips hmmmmm

  311. Carry go dear never mine them

  312. Seide Jane says:

    I love her responds…. Lol haters kill ya self!ahahahaha carry go my mercy…

  313. WELL SAY

  314. Nneka Ernest says:

    Forget about them and carry on with ur life, na God give u joo.

  315. Nne na ur womb oo so watever God puts there
    show us joor. Ndi uwa ojooo
    Cover ur self in prayers cos I can see some child eaters blabbing.

  316. God with you sis

  317. live and love your life dear……they complain too much…..

  318. live and love your life dear……they complain too much…..

  319. I wish u safe delivery my dear mercy

  320. My dear Mercy they are just been jealous. How is it their business? Suffer head people. Enjoy your family and rock your life dear

  321. Her problem,pls face urs

  322. My will be 6months

  323. Don’t maind dem

  324. I perfectly agree with u my Sister Mercy, go on, get pregnant as many as u want. Ur children are beautiful, Lovely n nice, more of them.

  325. Tari Tombiri says:

    I think Maame Yaa Werekoa Serebour is correct about are statement dey are jealous of u they are enemy of progress

  326. surely!!Thats true.

  327. Nne tell them to mined their business oooo

  328. Cause I believe children are blessings from d Lord

  329. U can’t please people. If u don’t get pregnant for ur husband, they call u barren n now dat God is blessing u, they stil talk. Nawaooo

  330. God has bless u xo continued wit ur child bearing i luv it

  331. Na ur wahala, not mine

  332. Baydden Gina says:

    Baby girl dont mined thm is their problem ok afterall is a blessing cos few women can get kids after 4yrs.soo keeep at it.l dey for uuuu