It is no longer news that Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, is presently pregnant with her third child.

This came months after she welcomed her second child from her marriage that was consummated on August 27, 2011, in Lagos.

After the news of her third pregnancy made headlines, several people castigated her for not observing what they called proper child spacing.

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But the actress, in a recent interview, slammed those attacking her to let her be because she is old enough to decide on what is good for her.


She told Goldmyne TV, “I am expecting my third child and I’m a married person so I don’t think people should ask me why. I understand the ethics of spacing kids but I’m a married person and an adult, I can decide the way I want to live my life.

So yes, I’m having my third baby very soon. Thank you so much for the good wishes, thank you so much for the hate speeches, but save some of the hate speeches because the fourth will soon come to round it up then you can show your anger then but for now it’s good news let’s celebrate.”

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  1. Don’t mind all these people that gossip you, do ur own thing that God has made for you already show them the new way as a star you are that you can handle it so many pplp is looking 4 such opportunity to show fort that they can actually get preg. sum jealousy u.

  2. U have the freedom even to have a football team in ur house..#children…at the end of the day u r the bread winner…those with big mouths let them go and hang themselves…@Marcy Johnson…these haters will never stop opening their big mouths….if u don’t conceive, they talk..if u conceive, they will still have smting to say…let them go to hell nkt..!!!…

  3. Sometimes is not spacing oooo I decided to bring them out that’s the number I want and have tym work and look after them . why waste 5-6 yrs bf bringing another baby out? For me every year I will born that’s if I get marriage I want 3

    • @Odufu Monica. I’m a doctor so I know what I mean. Women should give themselves proper time to heal and psychologically fit before hoping into bed so soon, Men should as well be patient until a woman has properly healed. During a vaginal delivery, the area between the vagina and anus called the perineum, can tear or may be cut by the doctor so that the baby can be delivered more easily. If the doctor cuts the area, the procedure is called an episiotomy. After delivery, this area may be very sensitive for several days, weeks or months. It may hurt when you sit, walk, cough, sneeze or during intercourse. When the placenta comes out it leaves a wound in the uterus which takes time to heal. Penetrative sex can potentially introduce air into the vagina. Proper time is needed otherwise, a woman may make things worse.

  4. One thing the so called haters,forget is dat age has a role to play in a woman’s life. Bbiologically,the older a woman get d more difficult it becomes to concieve and others issues. Mercy is blessed,let her have her kids with while she is young. All the haters need is to pray for others celebrites who are getting old,yet not married not to talk of kids to get married,settle down and have children.

  5. Some married women are out of their matrimonial home all bcus of childlessness, just bcus their husbands or in-laws refuse to be patient with them. Pls you people should leave M.J alone. Instead of the critics to her,criticise God of blessing her with another fruit of the womb. That is if you can.

  6. Have ur babies whenever u want honey if it’s possible month after month do it if u wish to its no shame u married show them what marriage is all about a lot of ur mates are getting married and divorce the next day stay true and happy girl u rock much respect to u and ur family

  7. hmmmm m sweet dont mind dem…ur doin wt God says we should do…. after all she have all d money dat can take care of more dan ten children so please go on sweedy may Almighty God give d strenght to born as much as u want

  8. Spacing is good but once u re thirty something u need rush and if u also if u hv d money to look after dem and for d woman In question she needs eat good food i mean confirm balance diet for health reasons as for mercy i think she is capable

  9. Pple like comenting rubish,she is capable of taking cares of her children,so what is wrong wth that?have she ever come to ur door nd ask for food.please allow her wth her life,if she no born na una go still talk say she done use her body meet every men for movie industry

  10. pliz pliz, if the husband has not complained to u, who are u? she has to be on stage. and she wants the chapter of children to be done with, whats wrong with that? she can hire pple to take care of those kids, Go girl

  11. Osuimi kn die! Wonder y ppl will b hating unecessarily. Anywaz I love ur cute reply u couldnt v said a better thing dn u just did….and now let ur haters go shit in their hand. Shut d front door babee!!!

  12. carry go my name sake. your are blessed my dear. in the next ten years you will see how grown these your children will become. the same people who are condeming you now will start feeling jealous of you. so ride on baby because you are really fruitful.

  13. My dear u don’t mand what people are saying cos dere is noting u will do on dis word to please human beings,do ur tins as u wish,like me i stared bearing children 2o11.I have three beautifull kids,two girls nd a boy.nd am preg for fourth child now trusting God let d baby be a my dear do ur tins as u wishes cos time waits for nobody,wish u safe delivering.

  14. Wen we talk of child spacin, it means havin de number of kids one want by choice and not by chance. I beliv Mercy is havin de number of she want by choice and her is capable of trainin dem, beside age is not on her side any more. So those haters should let her be.

  15. I wonder y some one else takes the red pepper en then a buffon from no where starts whining like a dog about how hot the peppwr is,,,,if shes giving birth every year,,,a u the one who pays her hospital bills???? , Rubbishh,,,,,,,,start building your wrecked poor thing capacities en let my lady take care of her husband,kids en be happy ,,,,,leeave her alone!!!!,,,,stupid!!!!!!!

  16. Keep it up the good Lord will see you true. Because he is a giver of all good things. He is the one blessing you with the fruit of womb so what are we nor talk; many of them their mother give birth to 12and 15 is not a new thing you have four.

  17. Mercy i really thank God for u, if ur marriage was fruitless, d same critics will say perhabs u had aborted all in ur womb, Nw God has visited ur family! Shine on my dear and let them say on!

  18. I don’t understand people,first u were among the people who criticize her and now u are praising her, people with their two mouth God help u for mercy I blv u know what is right and wrong just go for what u believe in.

  19. Mercy never listen to noises. mercy has never come to anyone to pay school fess, pay house rent, beg for food or clothes why criticizing her. pls find something to do about your life and live Mercy alone. ride on my love nothing do you. may almighty God guides you and be with your family.

  20. Yes oh carry go am happy for u my dear, its because they don’t have hasband and no kids so They don’t know what it takes to be a mother and to be happy with your children.bad bely ppl let them go and have their own,. Did u ask them for breast milk,baby milk, clouths or

  21. my dear, i’m really happy 4 u…. let dem talk na dem get their mouth, just be urself and do whatever dat will make u and ur family happy,… “end of story” infact i love ur ways… just relax and take gud care of urself and d family and leave d rest 4 baba God.. him alone has d final say and not people of d world.. ‘one love’

  22. my sweet mango dumebi,my luv and my role model carry go nothin do u, if the haters like let dem visit d nearest transformer and hang themselves; cos ur God hs already blessd u so ride on and do ur thinx d wey u like. Luv u much

  23. Ei i wonder for people o. If u keep on giving birth, wahala. If u dont give birth, wahala. Na wetin man for do in this world? Eiiiiiii hmmmmm. MJ give as many children as u want okay. God bless ur children n ur family. Amen!

  24. I dnt just undrstnd why pple use to pokenose nonsense in other pple affair atleast dey are nt d 1feeding her and her children.nawao enjoy ur life to d fullest and dnt pay to wat pple says.

  25. Is she not leaving with her husband why r pple so so dump for d fact dat she is a celeb does not mean she ahould go about with just 1 kid pls u pple u learn to me mature i mean is not like she is leaving with her fellow lady kaiii nigerians very soon una go yab kim k as well

  26. Baby do ur thing joo early and rest.God says go to the world and multiply andthesubdue the a command from God.wen u delay people say ur barren.Haters get lost.mercy is capable to care for her kids.Her husband is not doing badly either.

  27. Those who criticize you are those who can’t stay in marriage. They hop out after few months of marriage with one or no kid at all giving excuses about their husband, the question i ask is “were they blind before saying yes they do?”. My dear mercy u made not just the right choice but the best. Ride on my role model, a real african woman you are

  28. It’s her womb and those are her kids. Is her husband complaining if not. Wetin be your problem. She should be hér husbands problem not u. A beg mercy u can have all the kids u want I will help carry them for u. When u r travelling. Ok
    Love u

  29. It is nobodys bizness if d pregnsncy is early or not Mercy jhnson is one of d most responsibles actresses dat is really really ready to stay in marriage so let her be for Christ sake no right to tell her when nd when not to be pregnant u are not her husband sweet I ve always loved u nd will cont. To love u dnt be moved by what they are saying.there are pple who ve bn married for years no children It is God that is blessing u with those beautiful children not man so cont to ve as many as God wants u to ve God will keep u d childre nd ur husb nothing shall any means hurt u in Jesus name Amen

  30. I wish u safe delivery dear.Noone has d rite to decide whn u should v ur kids.God that gave an open womb isnt foolish.If u had stayd three yrs in ur marriage witout kids,same peeps wud v said u v aborted all d children in ur womb jst like they said about Ini Edo.Ride on girl.Nobody dey feed u.

  31. Now that Mercy Johnson has agreed to marry , people would not rejoice , what of those other celebrities who have decided to live like men buying houses every where , what do you call them ? Please allow her to pay the duty of nature.

  32. If at all you are getting pregnant every months, you are the owner of your womb, just rush it once and for all and face your career. And be giving it to your spouse stedy_stedy so that he won’t be looking at anywhere else, bravo.

  33. Mercy my luv, u are de best, pls dnt listing to enemies, they are jealous bcos u are progressing everyday, shame on dem may GOD continue to favor nd keep u nd ur husband together in JESUS NAME AMEN, CONGRAT SWEETY.

  34. Go girl.
    I can imagine the headlines by now if uve not been able to consumate ur marriage with a child. “NOLLYWOOD ACTRESS AFTER SERIES OF ABORTION IS HAVING CHALLANGES WITH CHILD BIRTH” Now that uve shamed to who wished to have mocked u. They want to teach u abt Child Spacing. Thunder strike those stinking mouth. Abi u show am how to marry, so u want show am child spacing. Smh.

  35. Congratulations my sister. Nothing do you jor. Leave them dey run their mouth as they like. Whick kind question be that na? Say married woman get belle come dey ask am where she from bring am? That one na amebo. If not say you be public figure, I for say make you slap them. But sha o. Live them for God with serious warning say make them no ask that kind yeye question next time. Carry On!

  36. Dot mind wat people say ok dey not ur God neither are dey ur husband God knowns best forget dem dere jealous of u but in all ur de best actress in Nigeria weather dey like it or not okay to hell with them all

  37. Mercy you are right and sensible. Plan your family your future. You are perfectly doing the right thing. Leave those empty drums alone. Hold on to your family and concurrently to your career. What is their business sef… Busy body

  38. You people should not disturb my sister if she so like she can bring out twins after every three months whats your concern are you the one to feed her with the children or youve heard her carrying a calabash begging for alms from anyone? i beg of you pls.

  39. y won’t people mind their business, that man she lives with is her husband not her brother!!!! if she was married without a child na una go still talk, now God don bless am na una still talk… mind ur business

  40. Children are gifts from God. Make as many babies as possible while you are yet able. Thank God this couple is very fertile. Infertility rate is growing world-wide. So Mercy, dont look back. More grease to your loins!

  41. sometimes I don’t know why some people cannot mind their business, go on my dear sis coz it’s a blessing from your maker and you are legally married too so no need to listen to them

  42. A wife is nt created to please d world but to please her husband, cos she’s a celebrity and people following her means what, as long she didn’t go and meet people following her to feed her kids so it’s not any1 business to interfere in marriage couples life

  43. Yes ooo gal u’re right, just imagine it dat u’ve not beard any child just thick of what d worldvwill say? Forget devilish pple n continue to gve tnx to ur Almighty God for d previllenge, grace,blessing ,favour, n his infinite mercy.

  44. Wetin concern dem if u 1 2 ya hussy i futball team. Mercy as long as say u get strength 2 push, make u gif daddy Purity more fyn fyn pikin afta all him no dey komplain. I fit help do baby sitin 4 u.

    • mercy johnson that is the right thing to do dontmind anyone that dont have anything to do with there time rather than to be talking about others

  45. You owe nobody explanation on when and how you space your chil-bearing after all no one run your marriage for you. Invest your time on the lovely kids pls.

  46. Na them get dr mouth, my sister open ur legs dy collect ur kids, dy are gift 4rom God, some families done split today because of no kids.

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