A young Nigerian man has received more than he anticipated after he made the decision to share a cult song as his WhatsApp status.

The guy shared a video of himself and a few companions dancing to what was allegedly the anthem of a certain cult organization.

He wore a yellow shirt with a cap to match and this is the signature color for Buccaneers, after his status was seen by cult members, they started grilling him via the DM.

He was asked to correctly identify himself by a member of the cult so that they could determine if he was one of them. He was informed by another that their capone, whom he called the “pilot,” wanted to meet him.

The student who was scared, later took to his Instagram story to repost the video of him and three guys vibing to the cult song and attached chats while denying that he is a cultist.

He blamed one of his friends named Damo K for getting him into trouble as it seems he was the one who came up with the idea.

In a hurry, he also erased his WhatsApp so that the men who were asking him questions couldn’t get in touch with him again.

“Damo K see wetin you cause. Me I no be cultist oh,” he captioned.

See the video below,

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