Nigerian Singing Sensation, Divine Ikubor, popularly known by his stage name – Rema, says he really wants to be in a relationship but he’s still in search for the right one.

Rema was speaking to City People Magazine about how he has been coping with the level of fame he’s achieved at such a young age and he opened up on some candid details about himself.

“I really want to be in a relationship but still looking for the right one. I want to enjoy the peace because it’s really noisy: cameras flashing lights, meetings, studio sections,” he said.

“This whole music stuff is beyond ordinary for me that’s why things are happening differently for me and I am very spiritual from my angle and I don’t do my things the same way as everybody.

“Home is actually my peace. I find peace either in church or home. My own personal space, but yeah! It will be nice to find someone I can share it with, but then, I have not found the right one.”



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