A Nigerian man shared his strange predicament anonymously on the Facebook social platform which has sparked reactions from netizens.

According to his post, he said he had accidentally slept with his wife’s brother a few months back which sounded quite strange to the ears.

His problem started when the brother claimed to have repented and given his life to Christ and wanted to make restitution by confessing to the extended family of their sexual encounter.

It was then the man knew he was married with five children and could not afford to face disgrace and scorn.

His greater worry was bagging a fourteen-year imprisonment as gay practices are illegal in the country. He then came online to seek advice from Nigerians but most were too shocked to give him what he wanted. Read:

@Sim Pli Cityy: Just go to jail bro. Nobody needs you here 🙄

@Precious Obyno: I had to read the first sentence 5 times cos i was confused, before i read the whole thing🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

@Blessing Martins: Who else read the first sentence more than twice

@Princess Mary A Ngele: I don’t understand

@Jo Lisa: Did he say “by accident ” 😭

The rate strange news pervades the online space is alarming, most wonder if things could get worse than this.

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