A young lady has reportedly waged war against her ex-boyfriend’s new wife while asserting that she was in love with him despite his marriage.

She accused the ex-boyfriend’s wife of getting her phone number and threatening her to leave her partner.

The unnamed lady berated his wife for being too old and taking advantage of the young man while insisting that she still had the husband’s love in her heart.

Since she had the guts to face her and she had chosen to maintain her composure throughout their marriage, she insisted on giving her hell. She further mocked the man’s wife by posting a romantic bedtime video of herself and the man.

“You that family people marry you give young boy because you get belle. na you they the boy house na you Dey look for number that you will insult. you are lucky am in a convention I for use swear finish your life. I Dey my own war come look for me. You see that guy call David he his my everything but I left him for you and you get mind to write me haaa, old woman like you. I Dey vex right now my blood they hurt,” she wrote in part.

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