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“I still wipe outside. Everybody does it” – Terry G Admits To Cheating Despite Love For His Partner (VIDEO)

Nigerian artist and rapper Gabriel Oche Amanyi, popularly known as Terry G, has made a confession about his infidelity in a recent interview.

Speaking on “The Honest Bunch” podcast with Nedu, Terry G openly admitted to cheating on his partner, despite having deep love and respect for her.

During the interview, Terry G emphasized that he does not consider himself a Gospel artist, hinting that his lifestyle choices may not align with strict moral standards.

He acknowledged having a baby mama whom he holds in high regard, treating her with the same respect as if they were married.

However, he confessed to engaging in having affairs with other women, stating:

“I have a baby mama, and I respect her as if I am married to her,

but I still wipe outside. Everybody does it, I am not a Gospel musician.”

As the video of the interview went viral, it as sparked a lot of reactions from netizens online who flooded the comment section with their differing thoughts and opinions.

The revelation about Terry G’s infidelity has generated attention and debate among online users.

As Terry G’s statement continues to circulate online, The video has sparked conversations about fidelity and moral values.


Watch the video below:


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