Popular Nigerian rapper, Ycee, complained on his social media page that he missed the times when cheating was a deal breaker in relationships.

According to him, relationships these days had a lot of disregard and acceptance of terrible flaws when it should not be so.

In his words;

“I wish we could go back to when the girlies didn’t take lightly to niggaz cheating on em … these days it’s all vibes and «as long as he comes home to me” I want better for my sisters”

This stirred different reactions from netizens. Read some here:

Annie wrote, “If you want better for your sister’s. Be better for your woman/wife”

J’boy wrote, “It’s a typical example of society in decadence.i mean a lady accepting a cheating partner as its in man nature to cheat. Cheating is and will always be a choice and not anybody nature”

Yuhdee wrote, “And why can’t men stop cheating? So ladies can channel their energy to something better”


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