News went round earlier this year that, veteran Juju music star, Sir Shina Peters revealed that he has slept with at least 100 women. He reportedly made the assertion during a chat with YNaija.

The father of ace cinematographer, Clarence Peters has now refuted the claim in an interview with Saturday Punch, maintaining he never said such.

According to him,

“My friends and I were sitting down discussing about some young artistes and they were criticising them. I told them not to criticise the young singers because they would outgrow whatever they are doing now. I told them that it was youthful exuberance and that someone like me could relate with it because I had passed through more than what they are facing. I did not even mention anything about women. It is only a mad man that will say that I slept with 100 women. “Even if I did, is it something to be proud of? I never made any statement like that” said Sir Shina Peters.

He also revealed that being misquoted and spread of fake rumours are parts of the prizes one pays as a celebrity.

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