Popular reality TV star, Khloe has addressed the battle she faced following a leaked photo of her nude.

Khloe, who made this revelation in a chat with media personality Chude Jideonwo, said she was suicidal during that period and it took the love and support of her family members to help her pull through.

“Why was I lying unconscious on a bed out of surgery and somebody with a soul took a picture and sent it to one stupid dirty-ass blog?
I was suicidal; that was the only time the media got to me in my whole life. Thank God I have great people around me, my friends and they were amazing, and my mom, my dad, my aunts. You know when they say people are suicidal, I laugh. But when that picture got to my phone I couldn’t think of anything everything was black.
That night was dark. I don’t even want to talk about it; I’m having goosebumps already. For anybody trying to take their life, please think of your mother or father.
You might be at peace, or be in hell, but the pain will linger on their mind every time, every day,”
she said.

Watch her speak below,

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