Actress, Mercy Aigbe, can easily relate with mothers because she is one. She had her daughter, Michelle, at 22.

The journey to stardom for her wasn’t a rosy one because she had to trade some of her valuables as a single mother to raise her daughter, who just celebrated her 15th birthday.

“Special shout out to all the single mums…I can relate, hmm I remember when I had to go sell my gold jewellery at Yaba just to pay Michelle ‘s school fees and for us to feed. I went through ‘HELL’”, she recounted.

She further stated, “Please stay focused, be determined, be hardworking and prayerful, put all your trust in the Lord because “we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus” and trust me you will rise above those challenges.

To all mothers, mothers to be , may the Lord continue to strengthen us and may we eat the fruit of our labour IJN. Responsible daddies you ain’t left out. Thank you all once again.”

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  1. Gold gold gold and gold if u can’t sell it to raise ur child is it mine u are going to sell it for? Iyabo ojo said she sold gold mercy aigbe sold gold next will be bihari DAT sold cows to purchase presidential form hisssss

  2. You even have gold to sell..oh that means u r well doing…if u know what going through he’ll is all about come n meet my mum she will tell u she What bn in hell is….my mum no season pass her by if it’s dry season she go into cutting n selling of firewoods …making of red oils…rainy season she harvest her cassava use it n make garri n sell…weed people’s farm inorder to provide for us…So my dear u have gold to sell but some mother’s sell their only wrapper just to see her child happy….all tnx to all mother’s that know what hell is all about.

  3. Na all of una dey sell gold to train your kid? Iyabo ojo sold her gold to train her children and here u are announcing urs as of it’s a big deal. My Mum sold soya milk in order to support my dad pertaining my education and here I am, a graduate to be.

  4. You tried to single handedly take care of your daughter,its not easy at all, but saying that you went through hell raising her is what I don’t understand. If you were able to buy gold jewelries not even one o, (jewelries) back then, that means you where living well. But still kudos to you for keeping her

  5. Me I sell my house and my cars to raise my child. Nawa for some women oh! Wetin u want make we con do? Abi nah thanks you dey expect,oyah nah take am thank u for doing all that. I be like u Shaa but ur forming level Don pass river naija.

  6. U even get gold and u are here talking about going through hell. You need to clean your mouth because you don’t know the meaning of going through hell. Ask a mother selling akara, ogi, especially firewood and okpa with up to five children, they will explain that phrase “going through hell” better for you. Some ppl don’t know when they talk rubbish. Mtcheeewwwww

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