Daniella Okeke wants you all to know she’ll get married when God says the time is right.

Apparently, the actress claim she receive lot of DMs and personal messages from fans asking her when she’ll walk down the aisle. Okeke is tired of receiving and answering this same question over and over again, so the actress took out time to address the “When will you get marriage question” once and for all.


She took to her instagram to write:

For u all asking me wen will I get married ? And all dis crazy things u ve 2 say. I will get married wen GOD brings the right guy and at the right time. No be Hw far? Na Hw well? I ve so many married friends dat re so unhappy but I believe wen GOD THINKS the time is right it will happen. So enough of dis crazy Dm’s ? ok bye

One of her fans said: Always a bridesmaid but never a bride. It should be noted that the delectable actress was amongst the brides maid at Producer Spellz’ wedding.




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