The married man who destroyed the Range Rover of his cheating girlfriend and claimed he acquired it for her, apologized to her and promised to get help.

Following the viral video of a man vandalizing a car because his girlfriend was cheating on him, evidence surfaced that the vehicle was not bought by him as claimed.

The girlfriend spoke up and explained that she purchased the car herself and the man destroyed her property and reputation with the stunt he pulled. She alleged that she had reported him to the police for vandalism.

Read her statement here:

“I never knew he would go this far as he saw me at W-bar lounge chilling yesterday and decided to destroy the car I bought with my hard-earned money. He was screaming on top of his voice that he bought the car for me which is a lie from the pit of hell. I bought the Range in May 2022, with some of the money I got from selling my Venza. This man has never bought even a bicycle for me. This is a clear case of mental derangement cause I never asked him to leave his wife and kids for me as he claimed in the viral video.
I’ve gone further to ensure he’s detained at the lkoyi police”

The man has sent her messages to apologize for his behavior and stated that he will work on getting help from professionals.

See the message here:

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