Uproar follows the viral video of a girl meting out physical punishment on her boyfriend because he returned home late at night. In this video, she shared with the caption, “POV: he went out and came back late.

Social media users found the scenario strange as they watched how the lady went on a tirade about his lateness and instructed him to raise his legs as a form of punishment.

The boyfriend obliged and squatted in a mother cow pose, remorsefully calming his babe and pleading for her forgiveness.

She, on the other hand, told him to repeatedly say he would not do such again to which he readily blurted. This had earned him a pardon as he stood and thanked her joyfully.

This similar to a mother-child exchange raised eyebrows however funny and playful it looked. The people of the masculine gender in particular were disgusted by the act as they criticized the boy for being such a weakling and a simp.

Even the females were not left out in bashing the lady. Some stated it was unnecessary for her to put it in the public space.

But to a few that thought differently, it is a display of love /,and love itself can make one endure or not see wrong in anything that concerns their interest.


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