Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham vents her frustration at the bullying she faced at the hands of netizens who would not let her be ever since she endorsed the present Nigerian president.

Due to the current economic situation of the country, Nigerians took another shot at the actress who in her campaign speech for Tinubu claimed he shared some great plans for the nation with her.

The trolling escalated to netizens cursing her husband and child and it was this that made Toyin in a recent live video threaten a lawsuit against her trollers.

She was near tears as she expressed her right to freedom of association and expression. However, netizens were not having any of that as they expressed themselves in comments. Read:

olise_triumph: Tinubu get peace of mind pass this woman😂😂. Chineke God

king_rooben_of_africa: With all due respect, you deserve it all ma’am.

erayo_01: When you lose money, you lose nothing. But When you lose integrity, you lose everything. A word is enough for the wise….

experienced_storywriter: Pele oooo Asiwaju baby Next time keep your candidate private..

callmedamy: Sorry ma but please still tell us wetin tinubu tell you,it’s not that hard na😂

emeka_: Don’t endorse a terrible candidate so you don’t inflict generational curses on yourself

teeh_lyfstyle: Ehya but sha explain to us the idea grandpa shared to you that made him a God sent. 🤭

iamstalkar’s profile picture: …That money you choose first might hurt you in a long run. Especially as a public figure. Only the wise will understand this

_being_mercy: This is so wrong, this is so sad… Where is your empathy as humans?, where is your feelings as humans???… And Toyin, where are the ideas you said Tinubu shared with you osiso before ma mawagionu!. 🌚

Watch her video below,

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