A Nigerian lady has revealed that she would not split the rent with her boyfriend if they were staying together.

Identified as @Chukulee_ on Twitter, the lady said that she would not pay rent with him because she feels it is tantamount to making a grown up man irresponsible.

In a recent series of short tweets via her handle, she said that food and other house hold items can be handled by her.

She further explained he needs to man up to his responsibilities as man because if he does not do so now, how then would he cope when he becomes a husband and father.

@Chukulee_ stated this while reacting to a question from a Twitter user who asked

if ladies who live with their boyfriend would be okay with splitting the house rent.

”Curious, if you live with a boyfriend in Lagos or any major city, would you be open to splitting rent?’‘ the Twitter user wrote.

@Chukulee_ replied;


”It feels like contributing to make an adult man irresponsible.

”I can buy food and pay for other house things sha

If he becomes a husband / father in future, he needs to be responsible; pay rent for family & fees for kids. Where is he going to get that muscles if he hasn’t built it. That’s why children of very wealthy parents depend of their folks up till old age.”

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