A physically challenged Nigerian man, Oluwatimilehin, has boldly responded to individuals who mocked him for seeking a serious relationship online.

The shoemaker from Abeokuta took to the micro blogging app X on Sunday to express his desire to find a meaningful connection.

While many people offered encouraging and supportive responses to his post, some users on the platform resorted to mocking his disability.

However, Oluwatimilehin refused to let their hurtful comments go unanswered.

In a slam back response, he firmly warned the trolls of the potential consequences, stating:

“If you are stupid enough to drop a stupid comment on my post, I will swear and curse you.”

His words showed his determination to stand up against those who sought to belittle him based on his physical condition.

His unwavering response has garnered attention and support from individuals who admire his confidence and refusal to be bullied by negative comments.

His tweet shows the challenges faced by people with disabilities in their pursuit of love and companionship, as well as the strength it takes to confront and overcome societal views.

As his response continues to gain traction online,  his determination to find a genuine and meaningful relationship serves as a bold step to others facing similar circumstances.

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