Nollywood veteran, Rita Edochie, is less bothered about the criticism that has been following her over the choice of her black lip stick…

She wrote on her social media page:

One man’s meat…..when you see most of them that are almost NUDE, you don’t say anything bcos they are the kind of PICTURES you all like. You will keep seeing my makeup (BLACK PENCIL) and will keep getting scared until you get off or you learn how to mind your business. Chaaaaiiiii i LOVE myself so so much 😘😘😘😘😘😘👌 .

See more photos of the actress flawlessly rocking her black lip stick:









  1. With all the talks and critics have she changed? She likes her look so let her be, if my mum says this is how she wants her makeup so be it as long as she is okay with it, it a thing of choice, we all must not do the same thing, she has children and am sure they are seeing her since u can’t allow ur mum to do what she likes will u keep fighting and insulting her, the actress loves her look u people that thinks u know better should leave her alone.

  2. Some people just carry my name sake matter for head, biko its her life, leave her alone. Its not a sin, its wat she likes so keep talking n get her popular rather than minding your own business.
    Go Rita, go Rita go Rita


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