A Popular Zambian businesswoman known as Phylis Thompson has sparked relationship rumors with Regina Daniel’s husband, Ned Nwoko.

This is coming after she shared a photos with the billionaire while hinting that she’d rather be in a polygamous relationship.

She took to facebook to share the photos with the caption ;

I’d rather be in a polygamous r/ship marriage and know my position and be loved, respected and protected, than being in a r/ship with one undeserving person who has zero respect for me and is connecting to every Wi-Fi spot then accusing me of infidelity. It’s less headache to not ask a man what he’s doing etc. I’m just too busy working, making money and being treated like a Queen i don’t need anything more in life. I mind my own business and wait till he’s in my custody that’s when a man is all yours when he’s in your hands. Other than that stop adding wrinkles to your face it’s not worth it. When you are busy doing the right things and progressing in life. You have no time for drama. 😉✌️

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