A Nigerian man who recently relocated to the UK has lamented his struggle while expressing his ease before relocating overseas.

The man who went to join his wife who had been abroad for 3 years was captured in a video complaining bitterly.

He could be heard complaining in the Igbo language about how difficult it was to wear mittens and a sweater in the weather.

He continued to bemoan the high cost of rent while contrasting Nigeria with the UK, where a room cost him roughly N1.3M (or 1,400 pounds) per month.

In his words;

“I was in Nigeria enjoying and living in a duplex and I came to London, they’re telling me just one room for 1,400 pounds which is almost N1.3 million.
Now I am just going nearby to buy something but I must wear shoes. Still wear sweater, cap, and hand gloves as if I am travelling. Whilst it’s just this close place I’m going to.
What kind of rubbish country is this? If I tell people in Nigeria not to come, them no go understand.”

Watch the video below,

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