The hilarious pictures of an American baby that frowned his way throughout a photography session has sent social media users reeling with laughter.

The Drawing in Light Photography who took the professional shots, posted the images on their social handle with the caption,

“I’ve been photographing newborns for a decade and have photographed hundreds of babies who have given me tons of great expressions. But none, and I mean NONE compare to the looks this sweet guy threw my way.”

Source: Drawing in Light photography

The expression of the baby looked way too serious for a newly born with him making faces at God-knows-what.

Source: Drawing in Light photography

Netizens have a few funny comments to make:

@Arinze Chiemenam: Lil bro wasn’t impressed at all 😂

@Udoka Agbiokoro: He’s clearly not into pictures 😄😄

@Ronke Akintade-Ogunleye: One of my daughters too had this expression when I had her. If I could advise the parent, I’ll say this kid came with deep issues. Love the heck out of him or you’ll lose him; but still be firm.

@Obim Sammy: Lolx…. Anyways newborns are very hyperopic (long sighted) so they will always almost close their eyes lids to see better thereby making them squeeze their faces giving different funny facial expressions

@Sherifat Onogueshan Salami: Meme worthy expressions. He’s clearly not pleased with the intrusion of his peace and quiet

See more of the pictures,

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