The is a prevalent gender war on Twitter Nigerian and it seems to be getting uglier with each passing day.

A young man on the micro-blogging platform ignited the wrath of many after he opined that most girls wouldn’t have has experienced some level of ‘enjoyment’ if it wasn’t for the male gender.

The young man with the handle @Ha_yles wrote ;

If not for guys, most girls wouldn’t have eaten pizza , shawarma or been to the cinema.

As expected, the tweet elicited mixed reactions and the comment section was filled with reprisal attacks, see some below ;

Nikki wrote ;

This guy and noise!! it’s man’s responsibility tho! Pray u always meet up o!

Trish wrote ;

Some of you just wake up in the morning and surrender yourself as tiger gen or living sacrifice

Bamidele wrote ;

Not true, my first pizza was through a Lady that took me out… I only see it on, e gbe gbogbo enu buruku yin soun



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