A popular faceless account on Twitter known as Jon d doe has advised women on how best to keep their marriage problem-free and maintain a successful marriage.

He stated that a woman can show how smart she is in the presence of her kids and during conversations with the general public but never with her husband. He is of the opinion that men will not marry a woman who acts like she is smarter than her husband.

“As a wife, if you don’t deliberately act “dumb” to your husband, you may have problems in your marriage. But he will love it when you show your smartness in the public & to your kids. Learn these things, he wouldn’t have married you if he thought you were “smarter”. End.” he tweeted.

Jon posted this picture to further prove his point:

Some netizens seem to agree with this and shared some comments. Read them here:

Freddie wrote “Yh. Making your husband feel you are smarter, would make him start seeing you as his elder sister. And due to the competitive nature/ego of a man, he would in turn wants to “fight back” to retain his dignity. And that will make the home hell for both of you to live in.”

Sunday wrote “Some women would begin to act smart and even smarter than the husband especially when they started feeling they have arrived making little money or change. This I think or felt is also one of the causes of problems in marriages.”

Vee wrote “Most men want to brag with the smartness of their wives to their kids & outsiders But within, they want to feel like they are piloting the affairs 100%. For a ship not to sink, only 1 person has to be captain. When a captain gives an order, obey even if you know better.”

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