The life of a rich dude!

When you’re big, you know you are big, nothing surprises you no more, you can afford what money can buy.’

If you’re a follower of Davido on Snapchat, you’ll agree with me his snapchat account is an interesting one, From the babes, to clubs, to shopping, to the pranks he plays on his guys, to their display of wealth, gaming, weeding, drinking etc..

The other day, Davido spent a whooping $120,000 on a diamond encrusted wristwatch and also bought a luxury watch for one of his label mate, Danagog and Special ED.

With the current dwindling exchange rate, it’s difficult to get it’s exact value in naira but at the rate of N250 per Dollar, the value of the watch in Naira will be about N30M.

Yesterday, Davido who’s still in London went luxury shopping with his crew, going from one Luxury shop to another. He visited about 3 – 4 luxury shops from buying wristwatches, to shoes, sneakers, belts, bags, clothes and more before heading to the club.

“If you Follow me on snapchat, you’ll be depressed, unfollow me now” – The HKN Gang leader said on snapchat while luxury shopping.

He also showed off a receipt where he spent about $24,000 in one luxury shop before heading to another!

Davido who of recent announced a possible collaboration with US rapper, young thug doesn’t want you all to feel depressed and intimidated by his wealth he displays on snapchat, so you can take to his advise.

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